5 Important Signs That Your Toronto SEO Specialist is Doing a Great Job

One of the best moves you ever made was hiring an expert in search engine optimization. The wealth of knowledge that the professional brings to the table began to pay off almost from the very first day. In fact, it's getting difficult to remember how your online efforts were progressing before you secured professional support. Here are five of the areas where the Toronto SEO expert has made a huge impact on your online reputation and the success of your company.

Your Website is Capturing More Attention

Before you decided to work with a pro to boost your website, it was getting some traffic each month. Most of it was coming from inserts you had placed in the monthly invoices and possibly some word of mouth by your customers. The results were not spectacular but at least the site was getting some attention.

Now it's not a matter of seeing a trickle of traffic each month. Thanks to some of the suggestions and changes that the expert implemented, your website is getting a lot more attention. In the past six months, traffic to the site has increased more than in the last couple of years combined. Best of all, more people are signing up to receive notifications about new products and special discounts. Thanks to the increased traffic and interest, your business has a good chance of being around for a long time.

Your Social Media Posts are Ranking Higher

You mainly set up social media accounts to connect with your existing client base. There was not much thought about using those resources as another way to attract more attention from potential clients. Once your expert in SEO in Toronto search engine optimization arrived on the scene, things began to change.

The expert explained to you how it was possible to generate more interest in your business using those social media accounts. It's not just about calling attention to a sale or posting something that you think your clients will find amusing. It's about providing them with information they can put to good use and motivate them to share those posts with their friends.

You also learned a great deal about how to make your posts and shares more attractive to the major search engines. It was a surprise to find out how often social media posts show up in search results alongside website pages and articles on blogs. The expert even helped you understand how to increase the value of your posts to readers on each of those social media platforms. Thanks to the efforts of the expert, you now have many more followers for your business page and it seems as if the posts are shared with increasing regularity. That helps your audience to grow a little more each month.

You Notice More Impressions and Click Throughs on Your Ads

Early on you recognized the potential of creating and purchasing online advertising space. What you were not sure is how to make the most of that advertising. It seemed that learning how to effectively incorporate text, graphics, images, video, and other elements remained somewhat elusive. The result was lackluster ads that captured a little attention but barely enough to cover the production costs.

That is also changing since you hired an expert. By evaluating the content of your ads plus paying closer attention to ad placement, things are beginning to change. The professional came up with new ad copy that ties in with a larger marketing campaign and has increased the brand recognition for your business. By paying more attention to where the ads are placed, the number of impressions per day has increased noticeably. Best of all, many of those impressions are converting to click throughs to your website. That is beginning to generate more revenue, something that you always hoped would happen.

Your Mobile Website is Attracting a Lot of Positive Attention

Did you know that more people are using their smartphones to search online and less people are relying on desktop and laptop computers? While you were aware that shopping using a smartphone was becoming popular, it never occurred to you that your company website would not look all that great on such a small screen. It was only after the expert with the Toronto SEO company pointed out the amount of potential business and the chance to improve your online reputation your company would enjoy that the idea of creating a mobile site became a priority.

Now you are happy about the advice. The SEO expert was able to help you come up with the right combination of text, graphics, images, and video to ensure the mobile site looks great and is easy for visitors to navigate. In fact, you are so pleased with the amount of traffic the site is attracting that you are thinking about arranging for an app to be launched in the next six months.

Your Generated Revenue is Increasing From One Month to the Next

All these elements are coming together and producing the result that every business owner wants: your generated monthly revenue is increasing from month to month. While it's true that your revenue was consistent before, any growth seemed to be temporary and not much more than you projected. Now that your online presence includes elements that search engines are more likely to favor, the increase in traffic is translating into more repeat customers. Reaching this year's revenue generation goals will not be a problem. In fact, you may find yourself with a substantial amount of increased business volume by the first of the year.

While the expert has already done a lot to help you and your business, there is more to come. Now is the time to plan for the future, get an idea of how to make what is already good even better, and keep up the momentum. By making sure your relationship with your SEO expert remains in place, the potential even greater things will never go away.