Google's Maccabees Update: What Does That Mean For Your Pages?

The announcement of any major update by Google is enough to cause concern about page rankings and online reputations. While minor tweaks are happing regularly, it’s the big ones that capture most of the attention. Such is the case with Google’s December 2017 update. Maccabees has been in place long enough now for webmasters and business owners to know if they need to make some changes. Here are some things to look at closely if you want to benefit from this latest update. ... Read More

What is a SEO Strategy?

You are about to take the first step toward establishing an online presence for your new business. The first sign you needed to learn a few things was when your web designer mentioned the phrase SEO. ... Read More

How to Get More Website Traffic

Your website is more important to the business than ever before. As more consumers take advantage of online purchasing and rely on the Internet to find the things they need, it makes sense to do everything possible to drive more traffic to your site. The good news is that you don’t have to wait. It’s possible to begin making some changes and watch your traffic increase in a matter of days. Here’s some suggestions on what to do. ... Read More

How to Do a Website Audit

You already know the importance of auditing your financial records from time to time. Have you considered that an audit of your website would be a good idea? The object is to determine if the site is providing the benefits you desire and possibly identifying ways to make it more effective. While there are several approaches to conducting this type of audit, start with this basic plan. Remember you can always embellish it as you go along. ... Read More

Search Engine Optimization Tips

How much do you really know about search engine optimization? As the Internet continues to evolve, it’s only natural that the way people search for the information they need changes too. Even if you’ve had an online presence for years, it makes sense to take a second look at how you optimize your pages. Here are a few tips that will get you started. ... Read More