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Moving Your eCommerce Site Forward: Five SEO Strategies That Must Go

Moving Your eCommerce Site Forward

Your eCommerce site is doing well, but could things be better? Actually, they could. There are some mistakes you are making with those SEO efforts that are holding the site back. Fortunately, a chance in approach will eliminate them and put your site on the path to greater revenues. Here are five ways to update your effort and make a huge difference. ... Read More

Paid Advertising Not Doing Well? Here’s Why and What You Can Do About It!

Paid Advertising

Online ad campaigns are supposed to be easy, or at least that’s what people think. You create ads, deploy them, and wait for the hits and the cash to roll in. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things happen. Creating ads and waiting for people to find them is not enough. Here’s what you should know about your ads, what’s keeping them from performing well, and what you can do about it. ... Read More

Google’s Evolution: Increasing or Decreasing Traffic to Your Pages?

Google’s Evolution - Increasing or Decreasing Traffic

Once upon a time, the major search engines offered website owners a simple deal: let us display some of your data and we’ll direct users to your site. That’s the way it was for many years, but everything eventually changes. There are those who believe the enhancements that Google (and subsequently some of the less popular search engines) has implemented in recent years does more to keep users moving through their search results instead of clicking directly through to websites. ... Read More

Why SEO is Better Than Paid Ads

Why SEO is Better Than Paid Ads

How's your paid ad campaign working? Are you getting the results you hoped to generate? If this is your first time launching such a campaign, the results may seem thin and the cost more than you expected. What you are experiencing points out why search engine optimization is so important and how it is essential if you ever hope to get much of anything from those ads. Here are some of the reasons why you need strong SEO before you spend money on ads. ... Read More

Google's Maccabees Update: What Does That Mean For Your Pages?

Google's Maccabees Update

The announcement of any major update by Google is enough to cause concern about page rankings and online reputations. While minor tweaks are happing regularly, it’s the big ones that capture most of the attention. Such is the case with Google’s December 2017 update. Maccabees has been in place long enough now for webmasters and business owners to know if they need to make some changes. Here are some things to look at closely if you want to benefit from this latest update. ... Read More

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