Why Audience Targeting Won’t Help Your SEO As Much As You Think

Most people involved in SEO these days recognize audience targeting as important. This practice allows you to focus specifically on audiences who are likely to provide conversions. However, some people have falsely come to the assumption that audience targeting means that keywords are no longer needed. This is a false assumption. Keywords are still important in SEO marketing and will likely continue at that level of importance for years to come. ... Read More

Has Content Overtaken Link Building in Importance?

Once upon a time, links were at the top of the heap. Content, while considered important, lagged behind. Things are changing for a number of reasons and content is now more important in ranking than ever. Here is what you need to understand about today’s SEO process and what has changed. ... Read More

5 Huge Reasons You Should Care About Content Marketing Metrics

As any expert with a reputable SEO agency will tell you, content marketing metrics really do matter. They let you know if the content marketing you have in place is great, if it could be better, or if you need to start all over. Along the way, you'll get quite a bit of returns on your investment. Here are a few reasons why paying attention to those metrics matter. ... Read More