Google's Maccabees Update: What Does That Mean For Your Pages?

The announcement of any major update by Google is enough to cause concern about page rankings and online reputations. While minor tweaks are happing regularly, it’s the big ones that capture most of the attention. Such is the case with Google’s December 2017 update. Maccabees has been in place long enough now for webmasters and business owners to know if they need to make some changes. Here are some things to look at closely if you want to benefit from this latest update. ... Read More

SSL Certification: What You Need to Do Now and Why

You’ve heard of Secure Sockets Layer before but perhaps it’s not been all that prominent on your radar. Much of your focus has been on putting together the most user-friendly website that you can. A lot of attention was paid to developing quality content, using the right images and in general making sure the site is informative and easy to navigate. ... Read More

Fred and Your Blogs: Will Your Rankings Survive?

Just about everyone from casual users to business owners know Google is constantly refining algorithms. Now and again, a major update is released that captures attention. The release of Fred in early 2017 has already affected the rankings for a number of web pages. If you haven’t noticed a change in your traffic patterns, hold on. It’s coming. ... Read More

How Penguin 4.0 Has Changed SEO

With Google’s latest Penguin 4.0 update being rolled out fairly recently, many SEO experts and web content developers want to know what sort of effect this algorithm change will have on their online activities in the future. Check this article to find a few of the changes you can expect to see being unrolled in the next few months. ... Read More