What You Should Know About Getting Away from the Google Filter Bubble

Getting Away from the Google Filter Bubble

Have you ever heard of a filter bubble? While the term may be one you've never used, the fact is that you are likely in more than one bubble right now. Here's what you need to know about Google, the filter bubbles it creates, and what you can do to step out of that bubble when you want.

Understanding the Basics

There is nothing inherently wrong with a filter bubble. As explained by Eli Pariser in a TED Talk, it's basically a way of utilizing the information you already share online and using it to tailor search results that are more pointed and relevant to your needs. Bubbles help to reduce the manual filtering you have to do in order to get the results you want. That makes it all the easier to locate sites that actually provide what you need without having to find your way through dozens that offer little to help with your current query.

The Problem With Bubbles

While there is no doubt that filter bubbles are helpful and convenient, they do have their limitations. One is that the process used for creating that bubble could result in something you could put to good use being omitted from the returns on your query, or at least placing so low in the results that you don't get around to finding it. In this sense, bubbles are not freeing: they are limiting.

How Google Creates Bubbles

While Google is hardly the only search engine that uses filtering, the fact that it's the most commonly used engine makes it imperative for business owners, casual users, and SEO experts to understand how the filtering comes about and what seo products can help produce the most desirable results for the business owner and the end user seeking information.

The process starts with the development of algorithms aimed at omitting or at least reducing the ranking of pages and sites that are deemed to be of less value to readers. Some changes are major and receive a lot of attention. Others are occurring on a regular basis and receive less publicity. Suffice it to say that Google is constantly using resources like RankBrain and Hummingbird to refine those algorithms.

As honorable as the intentions may be, they could be putting a cramp on your website or your ability to find what you want easily. Escaping from the bubble now and then is a good thing.

How You Can Get Around Google's Filter Bubble

One strategy is to go back to using an email client instead of staying logged into your Google account. Clearing your search history and the cache in your browser will also help. You can also think about using some type of incognito browser that reduces the overall amount of caching that takes place.

Remember that this won't get you all the way out of the bubble. Even with less personal information on hand to influence the search engine results, your location will have some impact on what Google displays on the first page.

Using SEO to Get Around the Bubble

Online ads, page meta tags, and content quality influence where you show up in online searches.The team at the right seo company can evaluate every aspect of your current setup and determine what needs to change and what is working well. That includes your approach to email marketing or even the old-fashioned use of direct mail campaigns.

Bubbles are a mixed bag. On the one hand, they can help drive people to your content. They can also prevent people from finding you. Whether you are a user searching for data or a business owner seeking to connect with new clients, know what a filter bubble is, when to use it to your advantage, and how to get around it when the need arises.

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