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Over 40% of websites experienced drops in traffic following Google's 2023-2024 core updates.

Facing the Problem

These are all indicators that your site might have been impacted by Google's 2023 and 2024 core updates. These updates targeted issues like low-quality content, poor backlinks, and technical SEO errors, aligning with new anti-spam policies.

Don’t panic!

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO expert or new to the field, your site can still be affected. But there’s no need to worry — with the right expertise and a strategic plan, these issues can be resolved. Let’s explore how you can navigate these changes and restore your site's performance.

Restore Your Website’s Rankings with Our Expert SEO Audit

Navigating Google’s 2023-2024 Core Updates
Get a 2-day SEO Audit by Our Seasoned Experts

Our comprehensive 2-day SEO audit, conducted by a team of seasoned experts in SEO, UX, content, and web development, is designed to identify and resolve the issues impacting your site’s performance. We specialize in diagnosing problems caused by Google's 2023-2024 core updates, including low-quality content, poor backlinks, and technical SEO errors.

The Seologist Advantage

Transform your traffic with our detailed action audit and plan. You’ll receive:

Expert Analysis

In-depth evaluation of your website’s SEO health by industry specialists.

Customized Solutions

Tailored recommendations to address your specific challenges and opportunities.

Immediate Impact

Actionable steps that can start improving your site’s performance right away.

Long-term Strategy

Ongoing support and guidance to future-proof your SEO efforts against further updates.

Don’t let Google’s updates impact your business. Contact our SEO experts to craft a strategy that recovers your lost traffic, rankings, and leads, positioning you stronger for future changes.

SEO Audit
Recovery Solution

Our expert team of SEO, UX, content, and development specialists will conduct a comprehensive 2-day audit to:

  1. Identify the cause
  2. Prepare a rescue plan


Local Plan

Cost: $2,000*

Coverage: Up to 100 site pages

Ideal for: Local businesses, small businesses, blogs


Enterprise Plan

Cost: $3,500*

Coverage: Over 100 site pages

Ideal for: Large businesses, e-commerce, enterprise websites

*Find out how you can qualify for a FREE audit

*Find out how you can qualify for a FREE audit

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Why us?

With extensive experience in the industry, we have honed our skills and knowledge to provide top-notch SEO services tailored to meet your needs. We have successfully conducted thousands of SEO audits, identifying and resolving issues to improve website performance and search engine rankings. Our proven track record includes restoring significant amounts of lost web traffic for numerous clients, ensuring their online presence thrives once again.

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Imran Ahmad
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Dr. Rob Eisen
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Our team of professionals

Contact our SEO experts today to craft a customized strategy that not only recovers your lost traffic, rankings and leads but positions you stronger for future updates.

7 Step Action Plan

What to Expect:
Understand the latest Google’s 2023-2024 core updates
Learn actionable strategies to recover lost traffic
Future-proof your SEO tactics


1. What is included in the 2-day audit?

Our comprehensive 2-day audit includes a thorough analysis of your website's SEO, user experience (UX), content quality, and technical aspects. Our expert team will identify the root causes of traffic drops, evaluate your backlink profile, and assess technical SEO errors.

2. How will the audit help my website?

The audit will provide a detailed diagnosis of your website's issues related to Google's 2023-2024 core updates. Based on the findings, we will develop a customized action plan to address these issues, helping to improve your site's rankings and organic traffic.

3. Is the audit really free with a 12-month contract?

Yes, the cost of the audit is waived if you commit to a 12-month SEO service contract with us. This allows us to provide ongoing support and ensure the long-term success of your website.

4. What happens after the audit?

After the audit, you will receive a detailed report outlining the identified issues and recommended actions. We will also discuss the findings with you and provide guidance on implementing the suggested improvements.

5. How do I get started with the audit?

Getting started is easy! Simply fill out the form on our landing page or contact us directly to schedule your audit. We will reach out to you to discuss your needs and begin the process.