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Seologist’s SEO Calgary service is the fastest route to growth in the local market. As a proven SEO agency, we provide innovative digital strategies to get your business known in Calgary and beyond.

We’ll push you up the search engine rankings to amplify your digital presence. With a host of local SEO services – from backlink acquisition to deep-dive keyword searches, link detox, and content re-development – Seologist provides your company with all the opportunities to convert visitors to your website into customers

Our team of SEO experts delivers SEO services that guarantee increased traffic and stronger brand placement online at an affordable price.

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SEO Products

Organic SEO

  • SEO Strategy, Ongoing Management (Keywords, Links, Website, Traffic, Conversions, Competitors/Research)
  • Content Guidelines
  • Content Enhancement
  • SEO Audit/Health Checkup
  • Brand Reputation Control (Change Management, Ongoing Monitor, Outreach)

Benefits. Manage how your brand is perceived online and counter any misinformation or negativity.

E-commerce SEO

  • Ongoing Deep-dive Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO Analysis and Solutions
  • Conversion Optimization Guidelines
  • Content Review and Rewrite
  • Backlinks Acquisition
  • Ranking Boost
  • Traffic Improvement
  • Conversions

Benefits. Build a professional SEO campaign for digital retail websites.

Complete SEO Review

  • Organic SWOT Analysis
  • SEO Health Checkup
  • Backlinks Check
  • Content Analysis
  • Organic and Local Competitor Research
  • Missed Potential Analysis
  • "Low Hanging Fruit" Analysis
  • Trustworthy Answers (not just SEO)

Benefits. Realize problem areas, potential areas of opportunities and means for organic business growth.

4-in-1 (3-in-1) SEO Package

  • Deep Keyword and Topic Research
  • Technical SEO Guidance
  • SEO-friendly website architecture
  • UX Rules and Instruction
  • Convertible Assets

Benefits. Set foundational SEO across a full website (more than 20 pages). The 4-in-1 package is ideally suited to complicated e-commerce platforms.

SEO Penalty Removal

  • Penalty Identification
  • Link Detox
  • Content Re-Structuring
  • Reconsideration Request

Benefits. Ensure client’s website does not fall victim to punishment from search engine that disrupts search ranking position.

Local SEO

  • Listing Set up & Optimization (Strategy, Positions, Additional Google Maps Listing Opportunities, Reputation Reviews)
  • Traffic
  • Conversions

Benefits. Improve online visibility and stay competitive with neighboring businesses.

Sounds interesting? Let's chat and see how Seologist can help deliver a Calgary SEO package that will make a difference within your current budget.

SEO Process

SEO Audit

We carry out a comprehensive digital audit of your company’s positioning in comparison to your competitors so that you can stand strong against the major regional rivals. Your SEO friendliness is reviewed and we provide a step-by-step guide on how to enhance your exposure.

SEO Strategy

From the SEO Audit comes the SEO strategy. We review the insights gleaned from the audit to generate a route that leads to your growth goals. We set out realistic KPIs that deliver incremental digital enhancements over the short, mid and long-term future.


As a leading SEO company, Seologist is aware that content is king. In fact, without quality content, even the most comprehensive SEO package can struggle to increase sales. For this reason, content is a vital part of our Calgary SEO services. This includes content writing, in the form of articles, newsletters, white papers, and more, that are high-quality and value-adding for the client. Content is optimized, distributed, and analyzed for best results.


On this stage, we focus on creating the solid foundation your site will stand on to begin converting leads. Without optimization, potential customers remain just that: potential. Here the process of turning traffic into business with important improvements to your website starts.


Refinement is the extra step we take to deliver the highest results to you. This includes full funnel optimization and reviewing follow up procedures. All for you to top Calgary search results and start converting your potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why SEO is Important for My Business?

SEO is important for your business because it is the primary tool for increasing your company’s position in online search engines, and therefore, your visibility. Without strong digital visibility, your competitiveness will suffer. As Calgary’s leading SEO company, Seologist applies thoroughly-researched and proven methods to boost SEO results. Our technical teams hone your website’s architecture and front-end processes for enduring results.

How Much do SEO Services Cost?

No SEO company worth its salt offers old-fashioned fixed-rate quotes. This is because any SEO company in Calgary should tailor its services to the need of its clients, as we do. We will recommend only the services that will aid your development goals and make a charge according to those needs. Contact us to find out more about our costs.

How Does Local SEO Help My Business?

Local SEO increases awareness of your business among the local population and is absolutely essential for any business that depends on the trade of its local area. Only a local SEO agency understands the local market – and can find out the necessary insights – to help a local business blossom. Seologist offers local SEO services that are uniquely appropriate to Calgary.

How to Find the best SEO Company?

Finding the best SEO company for your goals is not always easy. But to improve your company’s standing in the local market, a Calgary-based SEO company is your best bet. When looking at potential companies, review their successes in the region. Ask for a list of clients or case studies that prove their worth. Remember that any high-end SEO company will be happy to show you their past jobs.

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