SEO Strategy

A proper SEO Strategy is developed to improve a site’s search engine rankings based on a technical SEO Audit and competitor analysis. This strategy will:

  • Develop a balanced set of guidelines and action items to be taken care of immediately
  • Provide you with a specific schedule that outlines a clear path to success
  • Outline individual milestones and KPIs that are realistic and achievable to ensure efficiency of implementation
  • 1Technical
    SEO Audit
  • 2Competitor Analysis
  • 3Deliverables

Technical SEO Audit

The technical SEO Audit will provide insights into the current state of your search engine optimization and your company’s visibility in organic search. This will benchmark your initial status and point out any problems in search engine optimization in order to identify where effort needs to be applied to improve the site’s performance in search engine results pages. An audit will include:

  • Analysis of content management system’s SEO functions
  • Analysis of the site’s navigation structure
  • Review and analysis of microdata tagging for essential elements on the site
  • Analysis and assessment of the current situation with crawling and indexing for the site.
  • Provide guidelines, dynamic templates and hard-coded titles/meta description texts for pages of all levels
  • Page template optimization
  • Provide instructions on configuring tagging
  • Audit the existing sitemap
  • Ensure all proper indexing, geo targeting and display settings are configured in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Audit the existing Google Analytics configuration configure custom reports and dashboards

Competitor Analysis

Fundamentally, SEO is about competition: it’s not just where you rank but where you rank relative to others in your field. In order to get a tap on your competition, after your initial technical SEO assessment, the second step is to complete the competitor analysis.


A structured and detailed set of guidelines and action items arranged according to a very specific schedule and activity calendar, broken into phases with individual milestones and KPIs to check the efficiency of implementation. For each factor we will provide an explanation of its importance along with an activity calendar for its deployment:

  • domain authority building
  • social rankings factor improvement
  • guest blogging strategy
  • content marketing strategy
  • local SEO strategy
  • page rank building
  • link popularity building
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