Denis – Senior SEO Strategist

Denis is a Senior SEO Strategist with a proven track record in ecommerce, SaaS, affiliate marketing, EdTech, service companies, and local businesses across European and US markets. His main role is to develop and implement comprehensive SEO strategies to increase organic traffic and conversions.


Denis specializes in organic competitor analysis, keyword research, website architecture optimization, semantic structure (SILO), content strategy development, and leveraging AI tools for automation, content/image generation, and on-page optimization. He also has extensive expertise in backlink strategy, link building, private blog network setup, E-E-A-T improvement, technical SEO, internal cross-linking, web administration, and conversion rate optimization.

Career Highlights

Some of Denis' notable results include increasing organic traffic by over 2700% for a bookkeeping and reporting software client in Ukraine over a 4-year period through strategic SEO efforts. He also successfully optimized several high-traffic affiliate marketing sites in the cryptocurrency niche across the US, Sweden, and Norway markets.

Hobbies & Interests

In his free time, Denis enjoys outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, traveling, and swimming. He also loves going to the sauna.

Charities Supported

Denis regularly donates a portion of his income to support the Ukrainian army.

Career Goals

Going forward, Denis aims to further advance his skills in cutting-edge SEO techniques, particularly leveraging AI and automation to drive even better results for clients. He also hopes to take on more leadership roles to help train and mentor the next generation of SEO professionals.

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