Seologist was founded in 2003 by Val Zamulin. By capitalizing on his own diverse knowledge of Applied Linguistics and search optimization, Val began implementing his vision in the United Kingdom, planting the seeds for a company that has now become a leader here in Canada and beyond. Val’s team has grown to include over 10 digital marketing professionals that each bring a unique skill set to the organization – a skillset (including content marketing and social media) that mirrors the evolution in SEO strategy and tactics since our company’s inception.

Recently, we have developed proprietary technology that has taken our operations to the next level. As a recent addition to OneCore Media, Seologist has collaborated with digital marketing professionals of all disciplines to provide a more holistic digital marketing approach to SEO. Each team member has 7+ years of experience in their respective disciplines. Together, we have created a winning formula that has helped us serve many clients over the years.

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