SEO Audit

The purpose of SEO Audits is to analyze both the competitive landscape your company is in, and your website’s technical condition, and come up with a strategy to better promote your business.

  • We identify the best performing competitors for the keywords your target audience is using to find identical or similar products and/or services
  • Full technical analysis of your website’s search engine friendliness, including content architecture, errors, page speed and back linking.
  • In-depth look at your industry to better understand the areas and niches you want to target
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how your company can improve organic search exposure
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Strategic Objectives

We work with you to define what the main objectives
of your SEO Audits are, including:

  • Identify problem areas
  • Identify opportunities for further optimization and improvement
  • Provide a detailed plan of action for improving the on-site parameters
  • Provide a detailed plan of action for ensuring incoming links are compliant with Google
  • Dissect the SEO strategies of best performing competitors
  • Analyze the SEO practices of best performing competitors
  • Identify the main reasons why these competitors outperform your company
  • Compare your features with those of your competitors
  • Establish a plan of action that will match and exceed the ranking factors of best-performing competitors.


A structured and detailed document consisting of the problems, opportunities and how to fix them, focusing on:

  • a general overview of how the website ranks in terms of search engine friendliness (SEO score)
  • a detailed plan of action for fixing the errors in the on- and off-page SEO
  • a detailed plan of action for improving and enhancing the existing site by adding new features and/or optimizing existing features for maximum benefit.
  • a detailed set of guidelines for building a search engine friendly backlink profile in the future.
  • Competitors backlink profiles, domain authority, and anchor text distribution compared with yours.
  • Quality and search engine friendliness of competitors’ content compared with yours.
  • Competitors keyword performance and research for new effective keywords
  • A list of action items, methods and KPIs of the SEO campaign based on the findings of SEO competitors’ research.

What does a Technical Audit include?

A technical audit includes the following:

  • SEO Score Card will be provided to rate your search engine accessibility, structure and navigation, on-page and backlinks individually, as well as one total score on the scale of 1 to 100.
  • Search Engine Accessibility Analysis of Robots.txt and other robot behaviour controls, sitemaps, canonicalization of content, error handling, page load speed and indexability.
  • Analysis of keyword-focused content architecture, URL structure analysis, Structured Data Markup and site structure analysis.
  • look at on-page SEO, including content, meta descriptions, titles, breadcrumbs, images and internal linking
  • full off-page SEO (backlink toxicity) audit and analysis, integral to Google’s ranking algorithm, if anchor text distribution, backlink page and domain authority distribution, low quality backlink sources, severity of problems in the back linking profile, risks caused by the existing backlink development strategy.

Benefits of a full audit

An in-depth analysis of the organic search channels that your company is using to promote your business will focus on traffic levels, traffic trends over the past few years, approximate budgets, and most importantly organic keywords you rank for. The summary of reasons and factors due to which the competitors have a wider and stronger organic search exposure than your company are assessed, and a list of specific actions that you can take in order to outrank the competitors is discussed, ultimately working to get you more conversions with better targeted business-generating keywords.

A technical audit, more specifically an off-page SEO audit, includes many benefits, such as the identification of critical action items which have to be performed urgently in order to avoid domain penalties and filters, as well as development of a future backlink development strategy which is safe and compliant with all the latest requirements from Google.

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