At Seologist, we are more than what we do – our work is a culmination of the experience and expertise of our talented employees.

Our team of highly trained professionals has a strong understanding of all aspects of organic search. We will work closely with you to get your company the results you’re looking for. Our team was carefully assembled to incorporate experts in each facet of the SEO process. With layers of monitoring and accountability in place, thanks to our quality in-house professionals, we are able to formulate your brand’s distinctive strategy and execute it to perfection.


Val is the founder of Seologist. A major in Applied Linguistics, Val combined an understanding of search technology with language algorithmization to create a highly effective SEO formula in 2003. He then gathered a team of motivated IT-savvy pros to continue his work, which continues to evolve to this day. Because of his process in SEO, Val has been tapped to speak before hundreds of industry leaders. When he’s not leading the charge at Seologist, Val thoroughly enjoys spending time with his family, staying fit by playing soccer and doing CrossFit, and keeping his mind sharp by engaging in geopolitical debates.


The longest serving team member since the company’s inception, Anton has been a pivotal component to Seologist’s growth and continued success. Anton’s specialty is making sense of SEO activities and ensuring his clients receive the most for their marketing dollars. A self-described “online marketing auditor & ROI buff,” his satisfaction is derived solely from helping his clients achieve their business goals. Anton’s research has been the catalyst to countless successful SEO campaigns and his contributions are valued by the team and our clients.


An SEO strategist & co-ordinator, Mike’s indelible impact on the marketing success of the projects he leads has helped him earn the respect of his peers and the trust of his clients. Mike has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, combining a knowledge of Functional Linguistics and Project Management skills. He is the “point man” on all Seologist initiatives, spearheading the organic search and content teams to initiate strategies that are tailor-made to the goals of the brands we work with. His tactical approach to SEO is the engine of our operations and Mike’s fingerprints are palpably evident on multiple client success stories.


With a background in psychology & creative advertising, Courtney is the head of our established Content Marketing department. Her knowledge is an asset when helping our clients establish major content marketing goals, tactics and KPIs to cultivate an audience and drive results. Queen of curiosity, she is one-part wordsmith, two-parts social scientist and is completely dedicated to getting your brand’s story right. Her strategic approach to communications ensures that your brand’s audience interactions have a singular voice – true to your brand and your brand’s reputation in the marketplace.


Valli helps craft brand stories using analytical insights and a deep reservoir of creativity. With a background in both electrical engineering and marketing, she is able to use left-brain & right-brain thinking to tackle content solutions relating to SEO. The infectious energy she’s endeared herself to colleagues with is poured into all of her research efforts. Analysing data informs her vision for client success as she helps navigate the SEO process with unique solutions depending on individual brand needs.


An “idea guy”, Rob’s contributions come from taking what phrases people are searching for and customizing relevant content that clients can then share with their audience. As a former journalist, photographer and blogger, he is passionate about creating compelling content that endures far beyond an initial read or glance. This focus helps shape brand stories that captivate strategic targets at various checkpoints in the customer journey.


It’s probably no coincidence that “execution” and “Elyse” start with the same letter. As an English major with a Minor in “writing, rhetoric & critical analysis” there is no one you want to be looking over your content before it is shared than Elyse. She has a knack for not only editing copy, but bringing it to life with the right adjective or verb choice. She has spent time working in a variety of industries which has helped her cultivate a deep understanding of how to communicate to audiences of all demographics.


Every plan needs a tweak or 2 based on certain feedback and it’s Nick’s specialty to recognize how a campaign is performing and make adjustments where necessary. He is valued for his ability to understand trends and analytics and it is this monitoring that allows us to hone in on behavioural data to further customize our strategies. He also contributes immensely to Seologist’s multilingual SEO campaigns. His ability to navigate these difficult waters helps our clients reach audiences with their brand message without anything becoming lost in translation.


An SEO strategist, Darya brings a dynamic personality to all of her daily duties. Her vibrant energy is injected into her work, helping to create and sustain positive momentum for our clients. A virtuoso at developing and executing complex SEO strategies, Darya fuels her creativity and intelligence with every project she takes part in. Her vibrant energy & self-confidence are a benefit to Seologist and the brands we have the privilege of working with.


A mathematician with a university degree, Helen is proud of her unique position as an SEO Technician. An avid martial artist, Helen utilizes those same principles in her work as a crafty tactician and rigorous quality assurer. Timing, focus and flexibility are just a few of the traits that make Helen a valued member of our team as she enables us to enhance our strategic approach to SEO with her research and understanding of analytics.

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