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Mike – SEO Director

As the esteemed SEO Director, Mike stands at the forefront of digital marketing excellence, showcasing a remarkable journey that has not only earned him the admiration and respect of his colleagues but also the unquestioned trust of numerous clients. With a robust career spanning nearly two decades in search engine optimization and digital marketing, Mike’s expertise is simply unparalleled. His knowledge and application of Applied Linguistics, Marketing, Project Management, E-commerce Management, and UX/UI design principles have been instrumental in preparing strategies that propel businesses to the zenith of online visibility and engagement.


His role transcends the conventional boundaries of SEO strategy. He is the architect behind the seamless operation of our team of SEO strategists, providing oversight and direction that ensures the creation of great organic growth strategies.

His leadership is pivotal in nurturing a collaborative environment where innovation and creativity flourish, leading to the development of cutting-edge solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

At the heart of our Seologist initiatives, Mike serves as the central figure, the point man whose strategic foresight guides our organic search and content teams. Under his guidance, these teams embark on missions tailored to the specific objectives of the brands we partner with, deploying tactics that are both innovative and effective. Mike’s tactical prowess in SEO is not just the backbone of our operations; it is the driving force that propels our client’s success stories.

Mike’s influence is deeply embedded in the success narratives of our projects. His ability to foresee market trends, coupled with his adeptness at blending technical SEO knowledge with managerial acumen has culminated in a track record of measurable outcomes and satisfied Clientele.

As a visionary leader, Mike ensures that each strategy is not only about achieving top search engine rankings but also about fostering sustainable growth and establishing a strong online presence for our clients. With Mike at the helm, clients and team members alike are assured of a partnership that transcends mere transactional interactions, venturing into realms of genuine collaboration and mutual success.

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