Frankly speaking, it’s hard to outline each and every detail of our company’s winning formula. Seologist has an innovative & complex 5-Step Process that we guarantee will put your brand on the fast track to improved search ranking and domain authority. Each step of the process is designed to customise your SEO solution to correspond with your brand’s search optimization needs. Once we’ve established your position within your marketplace, we then proceed to implement our team’s years of combined experience and cutting edge technological platform to adapt your website to dominate search rankings.

  • 1Audit
  • 2Strategy
  • 3Content
  • 4Optimization
  • 5Refinement


Before a customized SEO strategy can be devised, your company’s current situation must be reviewed. Your audit will include a needs assessment based on:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Domain Authority
  • Popular Industry Keyword search ranking

By learning more about your business, we can gain a better understanding of your current and future needs.


Once we’ve established your needs, we can then begin to implement Seologist’s proven SEO formula for your success. Our meticulous SEO audit and exhaustive research will help us outline a strategy that will, once completed, be your company’s own unique roadmap to SEO success. Competitive analysis helps us close gaps that may exist between you and your competition within highly competitive keyphrases in your industry. Conversely, we’ll also work with you to establish dominance in relevant, low competition keywords. With our world-class proprietary technology and experienced professionals creating and executing this strategy, your company’s SEO goals are carried out by the very best in the business.


The most popular websites on the internet attract visitors with relevant and engaging content. The easiest way to achieve this is to diligently update your website with quality articles, infographics and even videos that your audience will rush to share with their network. With our experienced in-house Content Marketing team, we’ll create relevant and compelling content that is sharable, SEO-friendly and positions your brand as an authority in your industry. Your content will be distributed in a way that’s 100% Google compliant and empowers your audience to make informed decisions as consumers when it reaches them.


Depending on your needs, optimization could include any/all of the following:

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Calls to Action
  • Architectural Support

In this part of the process, our focus will be on creating the foundation your site will stand on to begin converting leads. The strategy implemented has, to this point, been geared towards bosting your search rankings – it’s here that your strategy initiates converting that additional traffic and moves people further along the customer journey.


Our diligent monitoring of campaigns allows us to make adjustments where further gaps present themselves. Through our utilization of the latest analytics tools, we are able to interpret data to improve the quality of lead generation and, most importantly, conversion rates. Our meticulous process involves constantly developing new insights based on the traffic of you and your competitors. Solutions change along with your evolving needs.

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