SEO for Law Firms in Canada

SEO for Law Firm SEO in Toronto

Stand out from the clutter and attract clients, consistent leads, and higher-profile cases.

Why SEO is important for law firms

  • The first action for people requiring legal representation is to search for Lawyers & Paralegals on Google. Earning 1st-page rankings on Google allows law firms and private practices to capture more clients on a consistent basis.
  • Competition for organic digital real estate is extremely high. Investing in SEO helps smaller-sized law firms and private practices compete with bigger & well-known local competition for organic Google search rankings.
  • Appearing in the top 3 positions of Google for relevant keywords that bring in qualified traffic can help law firms and private practices land high-profile cases.
  • Optimizing a law firm or private practice’s website design, speed, and fixing technical SEO issues helps retain more traffic which can further increase the qualified leads generated.

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Benefits of hiring an SEO agency

Hiring an SEO agency to optimize your law firm’s website will help increase qualified leads, consistency in qualified leads, and more exposure for your law firm which allows a higher chance to get bigger and more high-profile clients.

What to look for in a law firm SEO company

Consider an SEO company’s case studies, and their current and previous clients, especially if the SEO company has had lawyer and paralegal clients. Take a look at their GBP and clutch reviews. If there is consistency amongst reviews, this is a great sign that the SEO agency you’re reviewing provides reliable search engine optimization services.

SEO strategy development

Collaborating with an SEO company is key to a successful law firm SEO campaign. Communicating which keywords to focus on, and pages to prioritize on a website will give an SEO agency enough information to guide their SEO campaign.

Ongoing SEO efforts and monitoring

Throughout an SEO campaign, SEO Strategists and Account Managers will report on key findings, monitor keyword rankings, and communicate potential roadblocks to SEO campaigns such as algorithm updates, missing rankings signals, and technical SEO issues.

Web To Foot Traffic

Partnering with an SEO agency helps law firms generate more relevant organic traffic to their site. Seologist only goes after keywords that pulls in a qualified audience that's more likely to convert as a lead.

Reputation Building

Increasing your brand's perception helps turn users comparing solicitors and barristers for legal representation into organic conversions. Team up with Seologist and refine your online presence amongst qualified audiences.

Stand out Amongst Competitors

Seologist conducts through competitor analysis to help identify opportunities to appear where your competition is on Google search. Our on-page strategies can help push your law firm to outrank competitors for lead generating keywords.

Types of lawyers in Canada That Require SEO Why SEO is Required?
Personal Injury Lawyers Oversaturation of competition leaves every other marketing medium incredibly expensive for small and medium-sized firms.
Criminal Defence Lawyers Oversaturation of competition leaves every other marketing medium incredibly expensive for small and medium-sized firms.
Litigation Lawyers Due to the enormous amount of content a litigation lawyer can rank for, SEO becomes a massive opportunity to gain exposure amongst qualified audiences.
Family Lawyers A great SEO campaign leverages an appeal to emotion that can drive more traffic to contacting family lawyers.
Divorce Lawyers A great SEO campaign leverages an appeal to emotion that can drive more traffic to contacting divorce lawyers.
Bankruptcy Lawyers An effective SEO campaign clearly communicates the benefits of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer which can further increase lead volume.
Immigration Lawyers Due to the number of countries people can emigrate from towards Canada, a strong SEO campaign can help an immigration lawyer appear for several search terms.
Business & Corporate Lawyers A strong SEO campaign can help big and small corporate law firms acquire big brands as clients.
IP Lawyers An SEO campaign helps IP lawyers capture more intellectual property cases that would have gone to competitors.
DUI Lawyers Due to the high number of DUI cases in Canada. A strong SEO campaign helps lawyers capture more drivers charged with DUIs as clients.
Employment Lawyers An SEO campaign helps employment lawyers capture more intellectual property cases that would have gone to competitors.
Tax Lawyers Tax lawyers investing in SEO can capture more clients month-over-month and year-over-year.
Estate Planning Lawyers Estate planning lawyers are able to obtain more clients on a monthly and yearly basis with an effective SEO campaign.
Animal Welfare Lawyers Due to the complexities of animal welfare cases, investing in SEO can help capture more clients with a strong content strategy.

What is law firm SEO?

Law firm SEO differs from standard search engine optimization practices due to both Google and the Canadian Bar Association scrutinizing content that explores federal, provincial, and municipal law.

There must be careful consideration for advertising rules established by the CBA to ensure content is adherent. An SEO company that specializes in law firm SEO is able to write content that ranks high on the 1st page of Google while following advertising guidelines and creating Y.M.Y.L signals.

How search engines work

Search engines rank content based on an algorithm that’s trained to detect content that’s relevant, useful, and proximate to the location where a user made their search query. Google goes one step further by making law firms generate Y.M.Y.L signals.

Y.M.Y.L (Your money your life) is a signal that Google uses to authenticate if a webmaster has the correct credentials to produce content that can jeopardize a user’s money, health, and/or happiness. Law firms must generate Y.M.Y.L signals on their website, otherwise, a law firm risks position ranking decreases and other penalties if an algorithm update rolls out targeting Y.M.Y.L signals.

How SEO campaigns bring clients to lawyers

Law firm SEO campaigns are designed to optimize organic rankings on Google for target keywords that bring in qualified traffic that’s more likely to convert as a lead. By appearing on the 1st page of Google for keywords such as “Burn Injury Lawyers”, “DUI Lawyer Toronto”, and other commercial intent search queries that are directly relevant to your law firm or Private practice.

Seologist can help your law firm bring in more clients and increase your brand’s exposure within the legal community.

Benefits of SEO for law firms

  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Increased organic search traffic
  • Attracting potential clients
  • Attracting larger cases and high-profile cases

Keyword Research for Law Firms

Identifying relevant keywords

The process of performing valuable keyword research for a successful law firm SEO campaign involves identifying search queries that users enter on Google when looking to hire legal representation.

The foundation of a law firm SEO campaign that brings in consistent leads is targeting the right keywords. Seologist has helped several different law firms in Canada increase their lead intake and capture high-profile cases by optimizing rankings for target keywords that were identified during keyword research.

Analyzing user intent

Every industry has a different buyer journey. Users who are searching for legal representation are concerned with the cost of hiring a lawyer and/or paralegal, and the experience a lawyer and/or paralegal has before making the decision to hire legal counsel.

Seologist optimizes law firm and Private Practices’ websites to complement a buyer’s journey and provide content that users are looking for when searching for specific keywords. Uplifting a user’s search experience will further increase the likelihood of traffic staying on your site and converting as a qualified lead.

Targeting local searches

Optimizing for navigational search intent keywords is the bread and butter of obtaining clients for law firms. Creating location pages, targeting local search keywords, and building backlinks from proximate legal websites helps law firm SEO campaigns rank for local search results.

Incorporating legal services keywords

Creating & optimizing practice pages for law firms and private practices directly influences position rankings for legal service keywords to increase. Segmenting pages to exclusively target one topic such as “custody battle lawyer” further helps to rank for legal service keywords.

On-Page SEO for Law Firm Websites

Website structure and site architecture

A website’s pages, subfolders, and potential subdomains and how each is connected on a website determine a site’s architecture/structure. A poor website architecture will confuse users, and search engines, and will lead to decreased rankings and session drop-offs for traffic looking to hire legal representation.

Optimizing web pages

  • Title tags: Title tags are the first touchpoint users see on Google search results when browsing different websites before clicking on a page. A title tag should be persuasively written to help influence a higher click-through rate when your page appears on SERPs (search engine results pages).

  • Meta descriptions: Meta descriptions are a brief 1 - 2 sentence descriptor about the page’s content and what it explores. A meta description helps influence the click-through rate to increase while also providing page content context to Google bots when your rankings are being assigned.

  • Headings: Headings are a ranking factor on Google search, strategically placing headings to break content into sections, and optimizing headings to include target keywords helps to increase position rankings for target keywords. As well as providing users with a more digestible reading experience.

  • Content optimization: Expanding page content, remapping keywords to pages, restructuring pages, and if applicable, removing content all support the process of influencing position rankings for target keywords to increase on Google search results.

Establishing E.E.A.T for Law Firm Websites

Expertise, experience, authority, and trust (E.E.A.T) is a signal Google looks for to determine that your law firm is recognized by external sources for your quality services. Without E.E.A.T signals, Google doesn’t have an option to verify that you are considered as a credible player in your industry.

The following bullet points highlight details that help generate E.E.A.T signals for law firms:

  • Showcase the firm's experience and track record of success
  • Highlight the Barristers credentials, awards, and recognitions
  • Display professional memberships and affiliations
  • Provide detailed biographies and practice area descriptions
  • Publish high-quality, authoritative content on legal topics
  • Maintain an active presence on legal directories and associations
  • Acquire quality backlinks from reputable legal websites
  • Encourage clients to leave positive reviews and testimonials
  • Implement robust security measures (HTTPS, SSL certification)
  • Help persuade users purchasing decisions

Technical SEO

Providing pages that are accessible to Google bots for crawling, indexing, as well as page content that’s functional for users encompasses technical SEO. Poor technical SEO can present a roadblock for law firm SEO campaigns. Even if a website is producing high-quality content. Some of the processes and elements that impact technical SEO that Seologist optimizes & monitors is:

  • Load speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • SSL encryption
  • Schema markup
  • Robots.txt file
  • Sitemap.xml

Off-Page SEO Services for Law Firms

Outreaching to other websites in the law industry to provide a backlink pointing toward your law firm or private practice website optimizes for off-page SEO. A strong off-page SEO campaign helps increase a website’s authority score/domain rating. The higher a site’s authority score/domain rating, the easier it is to rank for higher-difficulty target keywords.

Link building strategies

Building backlinks requires an outreach strategy that’s designed to get the most amount of positive responses from webmasters. A successful link-building strategy targets websites that have link equity, websites relevant to your industry niche, and websites that are proximate to the country your law firm operates within.

Local SEO tactics

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website to appear for more localized search keywords and getting a website’s Google Business Profile to appear higher on Google Maps. Optimizing for local SEO includes:

  • Google Business Profile optimizations.
  • Google Maps optimizations.
  • Local link building/Citations.
  • Optimizing for "near me" searches.
  • Creating location pages.
  • Schema optimizations.

Social media platforms

Creating social media accounts and actively posting high-quality content, interacting with users, and building more followers that engage with your posts and follow links to your website helps increase social traffic to your site. Although SEO is the process of obtaining more organic traffic on Google. Google has also deemed gaining traffic from other sources aside from organic as a ranking factor.

This means obtaining social traffic and having a consistent flow of social media traffic to your website helps optimize for SEO.

Reputation management

  • Obtaining 5-star reviews that highlight the qualities of your services communicates to Google that your business has a positive reputation which helps boost E.E.A.T signals.
  • Creating listings on legal directories helps Google understand that your law firm is networked amongst relevant legal websites which can increase your site’s link equity.

Content Marketing for Law Firms


Publishing blog posts that are related to your law firm’s practices optimizes a site for topical authority. When Google sees that your business has created content on nearly every topic related to a type of legal practice. Google deems a website as an authority in that category, which helps boost organic rankings for blog posts, and practice pages. This can lead to an increase in organic traffic that’s more likely to convert as a qualified lead.

High-quality content creation

Creating content that goes above and beyond answering search queries is considered high-quality content. Seologist provides a team of content writers & strategists that are capable of providing webpage & blog content that’s user-friendly and stands out amongst competitors.

Showcasing legal expertise

Providing facts and figures about legal information bolsters content, which can both help rankings to increase while providing a more detailed answer for users which can persuade users into contacting a law firm.

Targeting search queries

Creating & publishing content around specific search queries can push webpages into ranking for search queries on Google search results.

Measuring SEO Success

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

SEO Strategists & Account Managers will outline benchmarks that identify a successful SEO campaign. This includes tracking month-over-month, and year-over-year organic impressions, clicks, keyword rankings, and conversions.

Google Analytics

Our team will set up a Google Analytics account that tracks traffic acquired to your website, organic conversions, and other metrics that can help paint a picture of how users interact with your law firm’s website.

Google Search Console

Our team will also set up your Google Search Console. This is a data hub where you can see details about organic clicks, impressions, average keyword rankings, and more. The only difference is that the information pooled is sourced directly from Google. Making this data 1st-party data.

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Thanks a lot Seologist LLC team. I will come across to them if I need again.

April Knaus

What a excellent service i get from “Seologist LLC”.It is the best service provider to promote any online business.

I am very satisfied for my website rank that done by this company.They are high skilled & so expert for this job.Give them A+++++...

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Law Firm SEO Frequently Asked Questions

How can SEO and PPC work together for a law firm

Creating helpful content that’s designed to organically rank for a target keyword supports PPC campaigns by lowering the cost-per-click of Google Ads. This helps law firm’s capture more paid traffic that’s likely to convert into a client.

Why does SEO for personal injury lawyers matter

Personal injury lawyers have tons of competition. Standing out from the clutter by investing in a strong SEO campaign helps personal injury lawyers gain more clients and more exposure amongst competitors.

Is doing local SEO worth it?

Absolutely, without local SEO optimizations, websites have a harder time ranking for navigational keywords around their firm’s location. Investing in local SEO drives more traffic in search of legal representation to a website which can improve lead retention.

Can I do SEO alone?

The short answer is no. SEO requires knowledge of on-page, off-page, technical SEO, and local SEO. As well as resources to monitor organic performance. Additionally optimizing for SEO requires time for outreaching to webmasters for backlink building. SEO is very time-consuming and takes years for a person to become skillful.

Is SEO difficult to learn for lawyers?

The basic fundamentals of SEO aren’t challenging for lawyers to learn. However, managing SEO duties on top of handling legal cases is next to impossible as SEO is very time-consuming. Iring an SEO company to create and implement an SEO campaign is in a law firms’ best interest.

Why Does SEO for Criminal Defence Lawyers Matter?

Criminal defense lawyers compete with a heavily saturated market. Having the right SEO campaign can help criminal defence lawyers rank for keywords that can pull in more leads, and high-profile cases to their law firm.

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