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Legal Action – Case Study

Seologist partnered with Legal Action in 2024 to deploy an SEO Campaign aimed at increasing target keywords proven to generate high-quality leads. We earned Legal Action’s trust through our proven results and delivered an SEO campaign that substantially increased organic traffic & conversions.

The Challenge:

  • Language settings were not made between versions for different countries
  • Website was missing a blog.
  • Service pages were underoptimized.
  • Clicks & Impressions dropped to an all-time domain low.
  • Backlink portfolio required improvements.

What We Did:

  • Created a blog targeting long-tail relevant keywords.
  • Acquired several high-authority backlinks.
  • Increased brand awareness by spreading NAPU.
  • Increased position rankings for high traffic commercial intent keywords.
  • Implemented E.E.A.T & Y.M.Y.L signals.

The Goal:

  • Optimize Legal Acion’s website for high-difficulty keywords that bring in valuable traffic that is likely to become a qualified lead.
  • Generate E.E.A.T & Y.M.Y.L signals to ensure Legal Action is compliant with Google’s search essentials.
  • Optimize Legal Action’s content to be more user-friendly so time on site & average pages per session increase. While bounce rate decreased.

Our Results

Below are the KPIs that substantially increased over the course of Legal Action’s SEO campaign executed by Seologist:

Organic Conversions

  • 77.8% increase in conversions in 5 months

Organic Impressions

  • 266% increase in impressions in 6 monthss

Organic Clicks

  • 417% increase in clicks in 6 months


  • The click-through rate increased from 0.9% to 1.3%

Legal Action’s Testimonial:

Patience is the the key and if you have it these guys will deliver. Great Customer service. I have noticed a significant improvement in business thanks to a campaign by Seologist / One Core Media. - Phil

Below we have included evidence of Legal Action’s SEO campaign’s success through 1st-party data from Google & 3rd Party data from SEMrush:

6-Month Organic Clicks & Impressions Comparison

Example of Legal Action’s 6 month SEO Growth

Google Search Console Clicks & Impressions Graph

Google Search Console Graph Showing major Increases

GBP Calls

GBP calls increased by 58% in 5 months

GBP Calls

SEMrush Organic Traffic & Keyword Rankings Graph

SEMrush Organic Traffic & Keyword Rankings Graph

Organic Keyword Ranking Increases

Keyword Google Position Google Rank Change
can a judge forgive me on a stunt driving ticket 1 -
evidence required for a stunt driving charge 1 +100
careless driving lawyer 2 +4
careless driving lawyers 3 +5
does stunt driving suspension show up on court summons 3 +98
cell phone ticket toronto 6 -
cell phone ticket 7 +2
what to do after being charged with stunt driving 8 +93
stunt driving charges dropped 10 -
do you have to go to court for stunt driving 10 +91
steps to take after receiving a careless driving charge 10 +91

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