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Many of our SEO competitors template their process - creating a cookie cutter, conveyor belt approach to keywords. At Seologist, we know you deserve individualized campaign management and ongoing attention to detail in every facet of your campaign. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, we treat each client as exceptional and unique. We look for brands that share our values and quest for excellence and work with them to get their message to their target audiences. The right SEO provider will address the following questions before proceeding with any campaign:

How much do your services cost?

Unlike many SEO companies that offer cookie-cutter packages, all of our projects go through a rigourous process where we analyse your goals and how we will achieve them. Only then will we assign a cost to your project based on:

  • Cost of distribution channels
  • Amount of quality content that needs to be created
  • Competitor & industry research
  • Monitoring & analysis

How do I know your company is using White Hat SEO techniques?

Every project we work on comes with a promise of transparency. We have continuously helped our clients dominate search rankings in their industries without any issues with Google algorithm changes over the years. Our content is geared towards being relevant to the people you’re looking to attract AND diligently complies with search engine rules and policies.

What kind of reporting will my company receive from you?

We provide monthly reporting to all of our clients. We’re proud to take reporting very seriously as our detailed, transparent reports inform planning and help us make any necessary tweaks needed to enhance your online presence and brand reputation. Reports include:

  • What Has Been Done
  • Distribution Link Channels
  • Content Samples
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Amount of Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Plan of Action for following month

How will my SEO success be measured?

Since we begin each project with your stated goals in mind, your SEO success will solely be measured against the needs of your unique business and its growth. There are definitive metrics we use to clearly outline just how successful your SEO activities are, including:

  • Achieved positions
  • Quality of Traffic
  • Conversions

Do I have to sign a fixed agreement?

Yes, however Seologist does include a cancellation policy (30-60 days) with each contract we sign with new clients. Growing your SEO is a complex process and we require 4-12 months for planning, implementation and refining our efforts to help you reach your goals. Each project is very unique and, based on various factors (industry competiveness, prior SEO rankings, etc.) we know that success doesn’t just happen overnight.

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