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Local SEO is an ongoing process, a collection of predefined activities that improve website ranking in Google local search results.

  • Increase online local visibility for your website to ensure greater conversions of visitors into paying customers.
  • Create a Google Map listing for your selected keywords and move these up the ranks so they appear in searches with the Google Maps list.
  • Build a strong online presence on Google Business to increase the number of leads.

Local SEO services are drivers by which you can easily find and secure native local leads. Local search is a powerful tool which allows companies within a specific regional area to show up on Google, Bing, or any other leading search engine. With proper local SEO solutions, your company’s site will be on the first page of Google when someone is looking for your services.

At SEOlogist, we are your local SEO specialist, with experience in local search engine optimization. Our team uses state-of-the-art proven tactics and methods to organically rank your site on top of the local search results.

Sounds interesting? Let's chat and see how Seologist can help deliver a Toronto local SEO package that will make a difference within your current budget.

Google Business (Local Maps, GMB, Near Me) SEO

Local SEO service in Toronto

The Google Business listing is one of the most important tools available for any local business owner. Google Business profile allows businesses to announce company updates, get client reviews, update business info, and, most importantly, enables companies to rank on Google maps.

When looking for food in Toronto, you will most likely go to Google Maps and enter "restaurants near me". You will then see hundreds of Toronto restaurants on your page, all with their Google My Business profiles showcasing their type of cuisine, hours, and facility photos.

This "near me" phrase works for more than just food: it covers almost every service in Toronto or nearby city. This is why near me SEO is one of the best ways to target visitors, or even people in the area looking for a service near them. Whether you are looking to improve your local SEO as a Toronto dentist, lawyer, or real estate agent, local SEO is a great way to grow your business.

  • 1Strategic Objectives
  • 2Campaign Strategy

Strategic Objectives

We work with you to define what the main objectives of your Local SEO project are, including:

  • Draw more traffic from keywords that are relevant and have high conversion potential.
  • Increase local online visibility and target specific yet more lucrative audience to Toronto business locations.
  • Establish a strong Google Business presence, improve brand recognition and manage online reputation attracting more positive reviews from business clients.
  • Increase the number of leads generated through the website, phone calls and social profiles.
  • Gain momentum and continuity in the rankings, traffic and conversions.
  • Track and measure the rankings, analyze the reasons for changes, and make adjustments to the Toronto Local SEO campaign.

Campaign Strategy

The strategy for accomplishing your goals will focus on organic search engine optimization of the specific keywords in Google Maps. Local SEO will help generate a sustainable flow of traffic to the main local business website, improve product and service awareness, and get more target visitors from the local Toronto area.

Our Toronto Local SEO process will follow a model of the audit and setup phase, followed by continuous campaign management. The main goal of the audit and setup phase is to prepare your website’s online presence for a Google Maps listing. Ongoing campaign management focuses on continual improvement of rankings/traffic and leads for the site.

Local Search Engine Marketing

When considering a local search engine marketing campaign, it is imperative to consider it as a cohesive approach rather than a single entity. This is because a top local SEO marketing company will use various techniques and ranking strategies to get the most out of your company’s digital portfolio.

There is no “one size fits all” strategy for local search marketing, but most companies will use a combination approach that could include

  • Social media profiles
  • Reputation management
  • Branding
  • Refreshing your content with specific keywords
  • Engagement within your local community

Toronto Local SEO Experts

As the leading Toronto local SEO experts, our team at SEOlogist is uniquely set up to help you and your business thrive. We provide a variety of local SEO packages that will match each type of client. Whether you are a small store looking to establish your local search rankings or a multinational company coming into Toronto and looking to improve your Google ranking quickly, our team is here to help. We have the experience and expertise to analyze, craft, and hone a local SEO strategy that will leave you at the top of leading search engines.

Our experience and expertise ensures that your Toronto-based company can get the most out of its local SEO campaign and enjoy all the benefits of this powerful tool. Any company or service in or around the Greater Toronto Area can depend on our experts at SEOlogist to craft and hone an impactful local SEO strategy.

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