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Social signals as a ranking factor have largely grown in their importance over the years. Social SEO is a component of a large scale content marketing and social media marketing campaign with the purpose of building brand awareness and increasing exposure.

  • We focus on user engagement and social profile backlink signals to Google and other search engines
  • Our team has extensive keyword experience and can boost the organic rankings of promoted content in search engines
  • Create a detailed content calendar for all social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • 1Strategic Objectives
  • 2Campaign Strategy

Strategic Objectives

The main objectives of your SEO Social project are:

  • Create valuable, easy to go viral and unique content that is social media friendly, and focuses on the areas of business which you want to promote.
  • Improve awareness of your products and services through building a committed base of followers and subscribers
  • Boost engagement metrics, such as amount of likes and ratios of followers/likes to the promoted content, and by linking it to selected areas in the site, send a strong ranking signal to Google and other search engines
  • Engage with the subscribers/users in order to better understand their needs or sentiment about your company
  • Increase the number of leads generated on the website through forms and phone calls, as a result of increased rankings to the areas that were promoted by Social SEO
  • Gain momentum and continuity in the rankings, traffic and conversions.}}
  • Track and measure the rankings, analyze the reasons for changes, and make adjustments to the Social SEO campaign.
  • Continuously improve the results of the Social SEO campaign.

Campaign Strategy

The strategy for accomplishing the above goals will focus on developing valuable pieces of content according to a certain schedule and activity calendar, aiming at ranking higher organically on Google for specific keywords and areas in the site. Social SEO serves a number of functions at the same time – it helps generate a sustainable flow of traffic to the main website, while also creating a committed follower base on the social media channel, shapes a better sentiment about the company product or services and builds brand awareness.

The Social SEO process consists of research, content creation, copywriting, content posting, paid boost for viral engagement, monthly analytical social SEO reports, and alerts to the business owner of any inquiries/leads that come from people commenting and engaging with the content. The campaign will consist of:

  • Social SEO campaign setup and audit
  • Activity for building user engagement
  • Detailed reports focusing on leads/inquiries, user engagement and content
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