Viktor – SEO Analyst

Meet Viktor, an experienced reporting person with a passion for analyzing data and a keen eye for detail. With his exceptional analytics skills and expertise in Google Products, Viktor is a driving force in our team's data-driven approach to success.

As a reporting person, Viktor has honed his abilities to extract valuable insights from complex data sets. His meticulous approach to data analysis allows him to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities that inform strategic decision-making and drive impactful outcomes.


A lover of numbers, Viktor thrives in the world of data and analytics. He enjoys diving into the depths of data, crunching numbers, and unraveling meaningful information that empowers our team and clients to make informed decisions.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Viktor has a creative side that shines in his DIY projects. His enthusiasm for hands-on tasks and problem-solving extends beyond the digital realm, reflecting his well-rounded nature and innovative spirit.

Viktor's expertise, analytical prowess, and passion for Google Products make him an invaluable asset to our team. We are fortunate to have his data-driven mindset and problem-solving skills guiding our strategies and contributing to the success of our clients. With Viktor's dedication and flair for DIY projects, we are excited to witness the innovative solutions he continues to bring to the table, propelling our team and our clients to even greater heights.

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