All-Lift Ltd - Case Study

The Challenge:

All-Lift is a material handling company in Toronto, Ontario with Canada’s largest selection of used and reconditioned forklifts. All-Lift came to us to grow their business and we put together an incredibly successful campaign that substantially boosted their revenues.

What We Did

  • We designed their website to show off their full range of products.
  • We designed a number of microsites for distinct model lines.
  • We designed separate landing pages for their products, to present customers searching online with a focused message.
  • We actively advertised their equipment repair service.
  • We used the keyword data gained from our PPC campaign as a basis for their SEO campaign. They now rank naturally for their top performing keywords.
  • We executed an online launch of their new line of new floor scrubbing machines, which turned into one of their most profitable business lines.

Our Results

All-Lift gets most of their new business through ICM / Seologist’s online campaigns. They’ve been a satisfied client for years, and we’ve replicated the success of their advertising campaign for a host of local forklift distributors throughout the US.

Your SEO campaign has us on the first page of Google for a number of our product lines. Our marketing has gotten really cost effective and it’s become a lot easier to grow.
Greg Bennett / Owner, All-Lift
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