Barr Plastic Surgery

Barr Plastic Surgery - Case Study

Our collaboration with Barr Plastic Surgery was driven by their ambition to enhance their digital presence and drive business growth. As a leading clinic in the field of plastic surgery, Barr Plastic Surgery entrusted us with the task of increasing leads and conversions. We successfully achieved their objectives through strategic campaigns and tailored solutions, contributing to their continued success and expansion.

The challenge:

  • The Backlink profile was not as robust as local competitor domains.
  • The website had a lot of technical SEO issues.
  • Google My Business listing was not optimized to the latest standards.
  • Content on procedure pages was not optimized with LSI keywords, additional visual elements, reviews, photos, etc.
  • Priority keywords were not in the top 3-5 on the first page of Google search results.
  • E.E.A.T. principles were ignored.

What We Did

  • Conducted a Technical Audit of the website, fixing all errors.
  • Analyzed backlink profile, created a link-acquisition strategy and implemented it.
  • Optimized all procedure pages and added a gallery with before and after photos.
  • Added a blog to the website and wrote informative, optimized articles.
  • Added a map to all procedure pages.
  • Optimized Google Business Profile.
  • Website structure was expanded.
  • Deep interlinking was performed.
  • E.E.A.T. components have been implemented.

Our Results

Increased traffic by 129% over eight months

increased traffic

Increased the number of generic keywords. Focused on commercial and transactional keywords.


traffic before


traffic after

Increased the number of keywords for which the site is ranked by 154%


keywords before


keywords after

Position Rankings Increase

Keyword Google Position Google Rank Change Location
breast augmentation 1 +1 North Bay, ON
breast lift 1 +29 North Bay, ON
body plastic surgery 1 +99 North Bay, ON
mommy makeover 1 +99 Sudbury, ON
cosmetic plastic surgery 1 +99 Sudbury, ON
liposuction 1 +1 Sudbury, ON
liposuction 11 +69 North Bay, ON
chin liposuction 1 +99 Sudbury, ON
plastic surgeon 2 +3 North Bay, ON
nose job 1 +99 Sudbury, ON
tummy tuck 5 +15 North Bay, ON
best plastic surgeon in ottawa 21 +79 Ottawa, ON
plastic surgery 4 +96 North Bay, ON
septorhinoplasty 4 +96 Sudbury, ON
plastic surgery North Bay 1 +1 North Bay, ON

positions rankings

positions rankings

Increased GMB rating

With the help of SEO efforts and optimization of the Google My Business (GMB) profile, we've experienced increased customer acquisition and engagement. This has positively impacted GMB's rating, reflecting the effectiveness of our strategies in enhancing our online presence and customer interactions.


rating before


rating after

Increased GMB views by 13%


views before


views after

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