Two Small Men With Big Hearts - Case Study

The challenge:

New owner wanted to re-evaluate the overall marketing strategy and put more emphasis on getting direct leads from search while greatly increasing the amount of local traffic.

What We Did

  • Completely revamped landing pages for over 70 locations across Canada
  • Added about 4X the amount of customized text to boost content relevancy
  • Improved the brand’s exposure on all available social distribution channels while collecting valuable links through a creative link bait strategy
  • Created a blog that increased traffic and engagement with target audience

Our Results

In about 6 months, we developed total organic search domination across the entire country for highly competitive moving keywords in over 70 unique locations. This client is now getting over 4500+ moving leads per month!

We knew we needed to change our marketing approach to become more relevant and accessible. What we didn’t know was how to do that! I’m blown away by the results we achieved working with Seologist. Thanks to Val and the incredible team working with us, our brand has become synonymous with moving in each of our markets and we’re delighted to have Seologist as our partner for continued growth and success.
Stu S., Two Small Men
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