Wine Online - Case Study

The challenge:

Wine Online was launched in May 2004 with the goal of making quality wines more accessible to wine lovers. The website, and the company as a whole, was lacking in organic search results. The company was practically non-existent for brand, product and location keywords.

What We Did

  • Created a dynamic content strategy
  • Over 3,000 pages were either created or modified to serve the needs
  • Used Seologist’s platform for keyword algorithmic changes
  • Researched trends in wine delivery and piggy-backed on trends using our analysis of competitive landscape

Our Results

In approximately 4 months, we increased organic traffic by 42%. Wine Online was now operating at, or near the top, of search results in Ontario and Alberta. Product and industry keyword results are now dominated by Wine Online.

We had an idea that wine lovers would love to have their favourite wine, both rare and readily available in-stores, delivered to their doorstep. Thanks to Seologist, our product offerings are now easy to find for our increasingly captivated audience. We’re delighted that they can learn about the wine delivery process and, obviously, make it easier for them to have their favourite wines delivered right to their doorstep.
Aaron B., C.E.O. Wine Online
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