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Are you a website owner who has heard the term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO), but you aren’t sure how to go about performing this task? Here at Seologist, we pride ourselves in being one of the top providers of SEO services in Toronto. Take a look at the array of SEO solutions that we are able to offer you.

1. A Full SEO Audit

This is essential for every website, as it helps analyze your website’s overall technical condition as well as the competitive landscape that your business is in. Once performed, the audit will enable us to develop a customized strategy to promote your product and service offerings. We will provide you with an SEO Score Card, which rates your site’s accessibility to search engines as well as general navigation and structure and backlinks. Other factors that will be assessed include robot behavior controls, error handling, sitemaps, page load speed and your site’s ability to index. We will also assess your site’s on-page SEO aspects such as Meta descriptions, titles or headlines, images, internal links and existing content.

2. An SEO Strategy

After the audit has been performed on your site, our expert team here in Toronto will develop a fully customized SEO strategy to ensure that your website receives the online recognition that it deserves. This will help improve your site’s online search rankings substantially. Our SEO strategy can include an array of items such as content marketing, blog posts, analytics and general reporting. As part of your customized SEO strategy plan, we will provide you with a dedicated activity calendar and schedule to help you on your path to online success.

3. Content Marketing and Distribution

You cannot expect your website to remain at the top of search rankings if it is not updated with high quality content on a regular basis. At Seologist, our team prides itself in being able to provide you with SEO services in the Toronto region in the form of engaging content, including articles, white papers, infographics, e-books, newsletters, videos and much more. Not only will we provide you with top notch content; our team is able to distribute it through many major publishers such as Yahoo, CNN and other major news channels as well as the most popular search engines. We have the means to deliver it across an array of social media channels and to major industry influencers as well.

4. Various Forms of SEO

Many people tend to only associate SEO with using the right keywords in their content. However, it encompasses all aspects of your company’s online presence. As a result, our SEO specialists here in Toronto are able to perform various forms of SEO, including local, social, e-commerce, enterprise and video SEO. This ensures that your company is able to boost its online presence in as many ways as possible.

5. Analytics and Reporting

Once we’ve developed a custom SEO strategy for your business, we will not leave you in the lurch so to speak. Our team will set up various analytics and reporting measures that will help determine which of our (and your) online efforts are proving to be the most effective and which ones require more effort – or should be scrapped completely.

If you feel that your company’s online presence is not providing you with the end results you need, chances are that a full SEO and online audit is required. Our friendly and professional team of SEO experts here in the Toronto region will be able to assess your online presence and determine what is needed to give it a boost. Contact us today to find out how we can be of benefit to your company’s online presence.

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