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Why We Are The Best
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Search engine optimization is not always simple - as one of the best SEO companies in Toronto, we fully understand that. The internet and its search engines are constantly changing, and this requires SEO work to evolve as well. That's why choosing the best SEO company in Toronto can make all the difference for your web presence. Our team has extensive experience in SEO, and we continue to invest in training to stay up to date with the latest in search engine requirements. We also continue to research the best techniques in the industry, along with what works for our clients. Our goal is to always stay a step ahead in order to give you a strategic advantage in a very competitive marketplace.

Grow Your Toronto Business with Us

Running a successful business is a process that involves commitment and the understanding that there will always be a way to improve and build on the strategies you already know. At SEOlogist, our team of professionals has the skills and experience you need to help you grow your business to newer and bolder heights. We offer a range of services, including SEO audits, strategy development, detox & penalty removal, e-Commerce, and social media strategies, as well as content marketing and keyword & topic research resources.

Strategies for Business Growth

Once you partner with us, one of the first and most important steps we will take is to help you develop promising strategies for the growth of your business using our proven SEO formula. Backed by our audits and research, we can perform competitive analyses in order to help get you closer to your goals. Our team is here for you every step of the way as we work to develop an individual approach for your exact needs.

Market & Competitor Research

One of the most important aspects of developing strategies to grow your business in Toronto is performing a competitive analysis of all the key phrases and competitors within your industry. At SEOlogist, we work based on our 4-in-1 audit and strategies in order to help you single out exactly how to achieve your financial and commercial goals.

Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

Our team at SEOlogist will help you optimize your content and implementation strategies in order to increase your brand visibility and awareness to help you reach a wider base of clients. From upgrades to your digital landing page to strategies surrounding your specific calls to action, we will help you strengthen the base from which you will grow.

Advertising in Toronto

Advertising is one of the most important skills you can have when it comes to operating a successful business, especially if you are trying to expand the reach of your customer base. Learning how to craft your marketing strategies and tailor the quality of your content to your audience is crucial for any leader in the digital space – that’s why our team at SEOlogist is here to help you with your advertising efforts.

Business with Digital Marketing

Content optimization is an imperative skill to learn and master for any Toronto business looking to expand and enhance its digital presence in the modern age. Understanding how to tailor your online messaging to your target audience is one of the most important ways you can boost your SEO strategies, allowing your business to grow to the heights it is destined for. With SEOlogist, content optimization will be stress-free and full of potential.

Social Media and Business Growth

Running a business in the modern age requires paying a high level of attention to detail to your online presence, especially when it comes to the reach of your business’s social media in its professional industries. Social signals are a powerful ranking factor that can determine the potential reach of your business to incoming clients, and developing a strong level of user engagement and content calendar is essential. With our team at SEOlogist, you can feel at ease surrounding the future of your business.

Growing an eCommerce Business

Your website is one of the most essential assets you can have as a business in the modern age of corporate and economic success. A well-informed eCommerce SEO strategy will allow you to convert one-time visitors to loyal customers, establishing a reliable foundation for the growth of your business. At SEOlogist, we can help you assess your website from technical, competitive, and content-oriented standpoints in order to help you reach the widest audience you can with professionalism and ease.

Digital Reputation Management

Leading a business in the modern age requires a high level of literacy and understanding of digital platforms, trends, and tools, especially when it comes to establishing your online presence to serve as a long-term representation of the image you project to your customers and competitors. Our team at SEOlogist can help you fine-tune your digital reputation management strategies in order to ensure the version of you and your company that appears online reflects the true potential you can offer.

How Your Business (Website) Can Benefit
From a Local, Toronto SEO Company

SEO gets more eyes on your business

SEO gets more eyes
on your business

Having a website that is found on page one of Google for specific search terms means that you are more likely to get visitors to your site.

SEO increases the visibility of your brand online

SEO increases the visibility
of your brand online

Online branding helps separate your business as a leader in your industry.

SEO gets more customers to convert

SEO gets more
customers to convert

Businesses that are on page one of Google for their main keywords have higher conversion rates than those lower on the search results.

Become more recognized in your industry

Become more recognized
in your industry

As a local business, you can establish yourself as an industry leader in your area. This can translate to a lot of new customers finding your business.

Why Is Seologist Different
Than Other Toronto SEO Companies


Our SEO History

Seologist has been in the industry for more than a decade, and as we approach our second decade in the niche, we bring a level of expertise that is not seen with many other competitors.


Our Unique SEO Philosophy

The philosophy at Seologist is quite simple: your company is unique, and you will need unique solutions to be successful. Since we are not a company that does cookie cutter campaigns, the team at Seologist will work with you to find that perfect fit.


15 Years Experience
In The Toronto SEO Industry

Our experience is one of our best differentiating factors, and it all comes from learning from our past mistakes. Everyone makes them, but at Seologist you get the benefit of working with a company that knows SEO like the back of their hand and can lean on our experience to ensure that your campaign is a success.


Toronto Based SEO Experts

Here at Seologist, we are firm believers in producing quality work and have an in-house team that works on everything from the audit to the refinement part of our process. We want to be able to own your campaign and this part of the reason that we have avoided utilising off-site or sub-contractors in our technical process.


How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization works by optimizing website content, backlinks, website speed, and many other factors.

Search engine optimization activities may include optimizing website content, the HTML title tags, meta description tags, link building to relevant websites, and other signals that search engines use for ranking web pages

Content is optimized through keywords, key phrases, and other important elements throughout each page of your website. A backlink profile contains the number and quality of links to your website from other websites. Optimized content, backlinks, and website speed can help search engines identify your website as the most relevant choice for the user.

Tips To Help Explain SEO To Your Decision Makers (Stakeholders)

Explaining SEO can be difficult. Here are some tips to help communicate the value of SEO services.

SEO is Proactive
SEO is Proactive

Search engines often change their ranking algorithms. An experienced SEO professional understands how search engines operate. They know how to make websites more visible despite the regular changes put forth by search engines.

SEO Builds Equity
SEO Builds Equity

SEO offers a recurring benefit that builds over time. You can easily measure the success of a website in terms of how many people visit it and the conversions generated. SEO is a high ROI investment because it continues providing results for long periods of time.

SEO is Cost Efficient
SEO is Cost Efficient

SEO services are relatively inexpensive when compared to offline marketing methods such as radio, TV, newspaper ads, and direct mail. It generally costs less money for SEO professionals to optimize a business' online presence with search engine optimization activities than it would to buy more traditional types of advertising.

SEO Reaches More Users
SEO Reaches More Users

Consumers search online for various products and services. They use websites like Google to find what they are looking for at exactly the right place and time. A local store or restaurant can lose potential customers if it does not have a website that is optimized for local customers.

Our SEO Process. Proven
To Increase Organic Search Performance

SEO Audit
SEO Strategy
SEO Content
SEO Optimization
On-Going SEO Refinement
On-Going SEO
  • 1Audit
  • 2Strategy
  • 3Content
  • 4Optimization
  • 5Refinement

Seo Audit

The SEO audit is an important first step to take when starting the SEO process with your business. We will provide comprehensive recommendations, remedies, and other results based on the audit. The audit helps identify areas of the website that need improvement in order to get the most out of an SEO campaign. It may uncover problems like performance issues, broken links, orphaned pages, and much more. Once identified, we can fix these issues to ensure your site is in the best position to succeed.

Seo Strategy

The SEO strategy is the blueprint of your company's SEO campaign. The strategy is a plan that includes specific goals, tasks, and timelines to help define what needs to be done for an effective SEO campaign. We will work with you to come up with a customized SEO strategy that meets your business' specific objectives. This will include keyword and competitor research to uncover the biggest opportunities. Expect a comprehensive report of potential low hanging fruit and longer-term opportunities.

Seo Content

The content for your SEO campaign is crucial. This is the meat of your website and a large part of what search engines analyze. We build high level content based on the SEO strategy to continue moving your site up the search results. The content will be fresh and original, and can be anything from writing new blog posts to articles, press releases, and more to help you gain exposure for your SEO campaign. You can expect regular updates and new pieces of content based on what's best for your specific site. This is influenced by keyword difficulty and what your competitors are doing.

Seo Optimization

SEO optimization is the final step in getting your site to rank where you want it. Once we have completed the content creation phase of your campaign, we then optimize that content with specific SEO strategies and techniques to help you achieve your goals. This is where we combine good content with high quality, with SEO strategies to set your site apart and start gaining traction in search results. Expect this process to happen regularly as an important part of the on-going SEO refinement stage as well.

Seo Refinement

It's important to remember that the success of your website is always changing. SEO, just like all marketing efforts, needs constant attention if you are going to be successful in getting more traffic to your site. We work on an ongoing basis with our clients to ensure their websites stay optimized for search engines. Search algorithms are constantly changing, and your site will need to stay up to date with the most recent requirements.

Sounds interesting? Let's chat and see how Seologist can help deliver a Toronto SEO package that will make a difference within your current budget.

SEO Case Study: How We Increased Unbranded
Traffic by 212% Using Our Proven SEO Approach

NovaJet - Case Study

NovaJet is the premiere private jet company in Toronto offering a wide range of jets and helicopters for your needs. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week NovaJet offers full service aircraft charter, aircraft management, and acquisition services to domestic and international organizations.

The challenge:

Brand new domain.
ZERO online presence for relevant keywords such as:

  • Private Jet Rental
  • Private Jet Charter
  • Rent Private Jet
  • many others

Minimal organic traffic.
No leads.

What We Did

  • Combined aggressive SEO campaign with brand promotion via social media channels
  • Created relevant, high-quality content
  • Connected brand with renowned industry influencers
  • Created popular distribution channels

Our Results

In about 6 months, we made the website appear for all the highly competitive keywords in TOP results, making it a brand that is known to anyone in Toronto who is interested in private jet charters.

The website retains highest positions for all the types of aircraft they offer and thus the company's exposure has risen up to 450%

1000’s of unique visitors each month with 100’s of qualified leads

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the experienced professionals at Seologist. We had tremendous challenges to overcome as a brand, challenges Val and his team overcame to help us succeed beyond our wildest expectations. We always dominate our industry keywords and those rankings have never slipped under the experienced care of a team we’re proud to continue working with.

Phil B., Novajet

Walking on a Cloud - Case Study

This famous Canadian retail store wanted to significantly improve its search exposure and sell more shoes of specific brands.

The challenge:

  • Minimal online sales
  • Insignificant search engine exposure
  • Almost zero online presence

What We Did

  • Selected key areas for improvement, based on customer input and priorities
  • Expand focus pages with new engaging content, appealing to product users.
  • Optimized social outreach for new focus areas
  • Reached out to shopping bloggers and product ambassadors with an intent to solicit product reviews and enhance customer experience

Our Results

Over 100 highly competitive product-specific keywords on the first page of Google – spanning across 26 product pages. A 212% increase in unbranded SEO traffic to specific shoe brands pages requested by Walking on a Cloud. A 120% growth in ECommerce sales for focus areas and a noticeable increase in in-store interest for priority brands.

Since we began working with Seologist 2 years ago, we’ve almost doubled our inquiries from organic sources. That’s pretty much unheard of in our industry. Not only that, in the process, we’ve become more educated ourselves about the importance of organic SEO and the processes involved. We continue to receive consistent recommendations and it’s all thanks to our SEO team working closely with our development team to maximize our conversions.

Mark, Walking on a Cloud

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors - Case Study

A constantly growing business, Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is an industry leader in the windows and doors manufacturing and installation. During our relationship, they’ve expanded to locations in Toronto, Kitchener, Edmonton, Kingston, St. Catharine’s, Bracebridge, Lindsay and Calgary. They came to ICM / Seologist with one goal — more inbound leads and we delivered with a high growth campaign that significantly boosted their revenues.

The challenge:

  • ZERO 1st Page presence on all major search engines
  • Highly competitive industry landscape
  • Looking to take company to new heights, expanding in Canada and the United States

What We Did

  • Built a number of microsites for new markets
  • Created multiple landing pages
  • Launched local map campaigns
  • Introduced innovative content marketing campaign
  • Reached out to multiple influencers in the home building and renovation industry

Our Results

Canadian Choice Windows is among the leaders in their industry, dominating search engine results in their markets

Brand reputation has skyrocketed

Traffic has grown by 1000’s

Thousands of qualified leads entering their sales funnel on a monthly basis

It’s hard to put into words the exact impact the Seologist team has had on our success. We’ve been able to grown our online presence and our company beyond anything we could have imagined. We successfully expanded into 4 markets, doing so by converting consistent, qualified leads thanks to our organic SEO and local map campaigns. The Seologist is very open-minded and created an innovative strategy to help us meet our business goals. A special thank you to Val Zamulin for his tireless work co-ordinating this effort.

Simon P., C.E.O., Canadian Choice Windows

Smile by Design - Case Study

This dental clinic had little or no local exposure for any “money” dental keywords in Richmond Hill, ON and around.

The challenge:

This dental clinic had little or no local exposure for any “money” dental keywords in Richmond Hill, North York, Orillia, Maple & Barrie

What We Did

  • Ran an aggressive local SEO campaign for this client including Google and Bing Maps and Organic.
  • Created great new engaging content that resonated with the local audiences.
  • Established a review encouragement and link bait campaigns to help both the Maps and Organic.

Our Results

Total domination in the local and organic search related to dentistry, including the heavy-hitters like “dentist Richmond Hill” or “dentists Richmond Hill” appearing twice on the first page. As a result their search traffic has increased by over 350% in the last 6 months producing a dramatic increase in inquiries and bookings.

I feel nothing but gratitude towards the entire team at Seologist. 7 years ago, we started a very small local campaign with our first office. Since then, we’ve expanded to now have offices in North York, Richmond Hill, & Barrie. I couldn’t even imagine being able to have multiple offices without Val and his team. They do great work and, as people, they are even better to work with thanks to their great attitudes. Thanks everyone!

Dr. Eisen, North York Smile Centre

All-Lift Ltd - Case Study

The challenge:

All-Lift is a material handling company in Toronto, Ontario with Canada’s largest selection of used and reconditioned forklifts. All-Lift came to us to grow their business and we put together an incredibly successful campaign that substantially boosted their revenues.

What We Did

  • We designed their website to show off their full range of products.
  • We designed a number of microsites for distinct model lines.
  • We designed separate landing pages for their products, to present customers searching online with a focused message.
  • We actively advertised their equipment repair service.
  • We used the keyword data gained from our PPC campaign as a basis for their SEO campaign. They now rank naturally for their top performing keywords.
  • We executed an online launch of their new line of new floor scrubbing machines, which turned into one of their most profitable business lines.

Our Results

All-Lift gets most of their new business through ICM / Seologist’s online campaigns. They’ve been a satisfied client for years, and we’ve replicated the success of their advertising campaign for a host of local forklift distributors throughout the US.

Your SEO campaign has us on the first page of Google for a number of our product lines. Our marketing has gotten really cost effective and it’s become a lot easier to grow.

Greg Bennett / Owner, All-Lift

Zim Group - Case Study

ZimGroup is a Toronto-based company offering metal and steel roofing solutions.

The challenge:

Recently, their business expanded to Alberta, specifically to Edmonton and Calgary. This added a new domain to cover another Canadian province. Therefore, the company had minimal internet presence when we started promoting the website with absolutely no local presence at all.

What We Did

  • Launched custom SEO campaign for the main website and for the second website that covers Edmonton/Calgary.
  • Launched Google Maps campaign with the purpose of doubling search results

Our Results

In about 8 months, we secured top results for ZimGroup websites in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. This doesn’t even take into account that same result achieved in areas that surround each city.

Doubled presence in Ontario (local and organic results).

Alberta markets in motion to dominate presence after only one month.

Expanding into new markets is always equal parts exciting and stressful. One wrong move and you’re looking at a loss of investment and stalled progress. Luckily for us, we began working with Seologist as we initiated this expansion and, thanks to our organic search foundation and growth, we were able to position ourselves to fully take advantage of the demand for our services. Thanks Val!

Mike, Zim Group

Two Small Men With Big Hearts - Case Study

The challenge:

New owner wanted to re-evaluate the overall marketing strategy and put more emphasis on getting direct leads from search while greatly increasing the amount of local traffic.

What We Did

  • Completely revamped landing pages for over 70 locations across Canada
  • Added about 4X the amount of customized text to boost content relevancy
  • Improved the brand’s exposure on all available social distribution channels while collecting valuable links through a creative link bait strategy
  • Created a blog that increased traffic and engagement with target audience

Our Results

In about 6 months, we developed total organic search domination across the entire country for highly competitive moving keywords in over 70 unique locations. This client is now getting over 4500+ moving leads per month!

We knew we needed to change our marketing approach to become more relevant and accessible. What we didn’t know was how to do that! I’m blown away by the results we achieved working with Seologist. Thanks to Val and the incredible team working with us, our brand has become synonymous with moving in each of our markets and we’re delighted to have Seologist as our partner for continued growth and success.

Stu S., Two Small Men

Wine Online - Case Study

The challenge:

Wine Online was launched in May 2004 with the goal of making quality wines more accessible to wine lovers. The website, and the company as a whole, was lacking in organic search results. The company was practically non-existent for brand, product and location keywords.

What We Did

  • Created a dynamic content strategy
  • Over 3,000 pages were either created or modified to serve the needs
  • Used Seologist’s platform for keyword algorithmic changes
  • Researched trends in wine delivery and piggy-backed on trends using our analysis of competitive landscape

Our Results

In approximately 4 months, we increased organic traffic by 42%. Wine Online was now operating at, or near the top, of search results in Ontario and Alberta. Product and industry keyword results are now dominated by Wine Online.

We had an idea that wine lovers would love to have their favourite wine, both rare and readily available in-stores, delivered to their doorstep. Thanks to Seologist, our product offerings are now easy to find for our increasingly captivated audience. We’re delighted that they can learn about the wine delivery process and, obviously, make it easier for them to have their favourite wines delivered right to their doorstep.

Aaron B., C.E.O. Wine Online

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Why SEO Is Important for Businesses in Toronto

Seo for Lawyers

When it comes to Canada’s legal system, precision and clear communication are essential for any business looking to make a name for itself. Implementing proven SEO strategies can help any team of lawyers raise the quality of their online presence in order to reflect the level of services they can provide clients with accuracy and professionalism. At SEOlogist, our team of skilled professionals has years of experience in helping you stand out from the crowd.

Seo for Healthcare (Dentists, Therapists)

Healthcare, in all of its forms, is one of Canada’s most essential industries, with a demand for services that will never run out and a need for reliable and trusted support from providers across the country. However, the online presence of leaders in the healthcare industry does not always reflect the true potential and range of support offered by healthcare professionals in Canada. With proper SEO support from our team at SEOlogist, take your online presence to the next level with ease.

Seo for eCommerce Website

When it comes to eCommerce in Canada, across every industry and demographic, being able to rely on the performance of your online communication is the most essential aspect of establishing long-term success for your business. In the digital age, making an impact on consumers means devoting time and resources to setting up a memorable presence on the web – that’s why our team at SEOlogist will work with you to help you raise the efficiency of your SEO strategies in order to generate success.

Seo for Real Estate

As one of Canada’s leading industries, real estate and all of its subsets, from the residential housing market to commercial property sales, requires a high degree of online interaction from the Canadian general population. However, the digital presence of Canada’s real estate industry does not always receive the level of resources it should, especially when it comes to support from digital professionals. At SEOlogist, our team of specialists will help you take the SEO strategies of your real estate endeavours to the next level.

Seo for Contractors

Contractors across Canada are some of the country’s most essential professionals, providing services, products, and support to consumers across every province in order to sustain their quality of life. However, contractors often find themselves lacking the level of digital engagement they deserve, especially when compared to that of other Canadian industries. As a contractor, reach out to our team at SEOlogist to collaborate on SEO strategies that can help push your business forwards to new heights.

Seo Services for Local Businesses

Trusted local businesses are the backbone of Canada’s communities and individuality. However, running a successful local business can come with its own unique set of challenges when it comes to reaching a wider audience, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic and its effects on Canada’s economy and small businesses. With the help of our SEO department at SEOlogist, raise your levels of digital engagement to heights previously thought out of reach in order to grow your business.

Seo for Start-ups

Running a start-up organization, whether it is a new endeavour with the ambition to make waves in Canada’s range of industries or an established organization with a loyal following, takes a great deal of support, monitoring, and active engagement from professionals and consumers alike. That’s why one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful business involves maintaining a healthy level of SEO strategies. At SEOlogist, our team will be happy to team up with you to help grow your business and reach a larger audience.

Seo for Financial Services

Financial services and businesses require a high level of clarity, professionalism, and ease of access when it comes to Canada’s economy and the challenges of running a business in the digital age. In order to communicate your abilities clearly while establishing trust with your customer base, coherency from an SEO standpoint is absolutely critical. With the help of our team at SEOlogist, you can take the next step along the growth of your business to propel it to new heights and reach a larger audience with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency.

Seo for B2B

Business to Business, or B2B, entrepreneurial endeavours in the city of Toronto require a high degree of professionalism, experience, and understanding when it comes to establishing your digital presence in order to secure a trusted and loyal customer base. Our team at SEOlogist can help you ensure that you are doing everything you can in order to boost the success of your business and its potential.

Seo for IT Companies

As a commercial and industrial sector that exists purely in Canada’s digital market, information technology is an industry that requires constant evolution in line with changes and innovations made to the landscape of Canada’s economy and businesses – that is why it’s critical for information technology companies across the country to invest in their SEO strategies and plans. At SEOlogist, we can help you incorporate SEO strategies seamlessly into your business model in order to stay ahead of the curve and at the top of your industry.

Seo for Car Dealers

The modern age of digital advancement has led to many changes in the way almost every single business in Canada operates – especially when it comes to the sale of goods and products. While investing in a strong digital presence may not seem like a priority for businesses such as car dealerships, which have traditionally relied more on an in-person sales approach, it is nevertheless crucial to develop a strong online presence to succeed in the modern age. With the help of our team at SEOlogist, expand the reach of your business for never before seen results.

Here's What Sets Us Apart From Other Toronto SEO Companies

  Google Local Facebook Yelp Glassdoor YellowPages Clutch Google Partner Ask Method Google Analytics
OneCore Media
tel: +1 416 665-2109
5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 4.8
Edkent Media
tel: +1 866 682-0486
4.7 5.0   4.5   5.0  
Qode Media
tel: +1 416 208-0157
5.0 5.0   4.7     ±
Digital Rocket Fuel
tel: +1 416 648-2520
5.0 5.0              
Master SEO
tel: +1 844 543-9996
Bluehat Marketing
tel: +1 866 755-2583
4.2 4.3 2.5 3.3   4.4  
SEO Gorillas
tel: +1 855 611-4736
5.0 5.0       4.5  
Search Engine People
tel: +1 877 584-7304
4.6 3.9   4.2      
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How to Start a Business in Toronto

Starting a business in Toronto is a process that requires a great deal of planning, resources, and attention to detail in order to set yourself up for legal, economic, and corporate success. Between applying for permits and registering your corporation, there are many important steps that must be taken in order to ensure your process is carried out above-board and with the highest degree of efficiency possible.

Register A Business

The first and most essential step when it comes to starting your business in Toronto is taking the time to properly register your business and all of its intended plans and services. In the city of Toronto, every business that does not already operate under the name of the owner must register with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

Business Advisor for Toronto

There are a number of steps that must be taken in order to lay the groundwork for the future of a successful business in Toronto. Between the importance of conducting proper market research and preparing a detailed business and marketing plan to securing your financing and applying for your relevant licenses and additional documentation, having a clear idea of the scope of work ahead of you is crucial.

Start-Ups in Toronto

Creating a Start-Up business in Toronto is a professional venture that has the potential to lead to a great deal of corporate and financial growth, especially as the city of Toronto is one of the country’s most bustling and active environments for local entrepreneurs and established industry leaders. There are a variety of resources available to up-and-coming businesses in Toronto, as well as organizations partnering with the city’s leading industries in order to provide a robust network of opportunities.

Small Businesses in Toronto

The city of Toronto is home to over 60 diverse resources for setting up a small business in the city, each of which has the potential to provide a range of support programs and financing options. In addition, the City of Toronto encourages the growth of small businesses and local entrepreneurs, offering a variety of grants, incentives, and rebates for emerging leaders across a variety of industries.

Toronto Business License Renewal

Beyond obtaining all the necessary documents and applying for all the necessary licenses with the City of Toronto in your realm or industry, it is equally as important to familiarize yourself with the regulations surrounding when and how to renew all your licenses, as well as which licenses require renewal, and which resources this process will take.

Business Grants in Toronto

Securing the right types of funding for your business can be a challenge for Toronto business owners, especially if you are working on launching a Start-Up or establishing the foundation of a local small business. Luckily, there are a number of grants available to Toronto business owners, both from the City of Toronto and its government and from additional third-party sources.

Client Testimonials

From the moment we began working with Seologist, we knew our SEO goals were going to be exceeded by this group of experienced SEO professionals. What began as a Link Building initiative has now extended itself to include content marketing that has immensely affected our online authority. Their innovative thinking and direct, customer-driven approach has helped us form a long-term partnership that we know has been beneficial to both parties.

Andrew Lee
SEO Content & Social Media Relationship Manager

I was very happy with their top-notch SEO services. They were very effective and professional. Strongly recommend them!

Imran Ahmad
Partner at Miller Thomson LLP

I have been working with the team at SEOlogist for several years and I really feel that they are true professionals in their field. They are excellent in their technique of search engine optimization. They are always available and friendly to deal with. I recommend this company to anyone who wants to help their business visibility online.

Dr. Kristina Zakhary MD, MSc, FRCSc
Plastic Surgeon at Dr. Kristina Zakhary’s Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is SEO in Toronto?

Toronto SEO services vary depending on the project, goals and resources needed. Our Toronto based team of SEO experts will provided you a proposal that reflects the effort required to help your business reach its goals.

Is SEO still profitable?

Yes. SEO is still profitable. It builds long-term organic equity that targets your ideal user base.

Do Toronto SEO companies really work?

Seologist is a Toronto SEO company, with proven results. Our SEO strategies are unique to your business, achieving successful results within an aligned upon time frame.

What are the best Toronto SEO services?

The best Toronto services (and most popular) are Seologist's:

  • -SEO audit
  • -SEO strategy
  • -SEO content analysis and recommendations
  • -SEO keyword and topic research

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