5 Simple Reasons Why Your SEO Efforts Aren’t Paying Off

Reasons Why Your SEO Efforts Are Not Paying Off

You created an online presence for your business many years ago. There was a time when your website, the ads you approved, and even the blog posts that you posted seemed to produce quite a few results. Unfortunately the returns they are producing these days are not what they were in the past. Simply put, your SEO efforts are not paying off any longer. What is happening and how can you change that? Here are five possible areas to consider and what you can do about them.

You Don't Understand SEO As Well as You Think

There is no doubt that you grasp the basics of search engine optimization. The knowledge you possess made it possible to build your website and blogs so that the major search engines would index them quickly and rank them higher. That was great back in the day, but SEO is not a static endeavor. Like so many things in the business world, it has evolved. How well do you know about how SEO works today?

You may be surprised to learn how much of what you used to know is not really of any help these days. Since you do have other things that must be done in addition to enhancing your online presence, it makes sense to engage the services of a consultant. Someone who happens to be an expert in the way that SEO in Toronto works today will be in a position to pinpoint what is working about your present setup and what needs to change. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to update your knowledge about search engine optimization, how technology has impacted the way consumers conduct online searches, and what can be done to once again make sure your pages are showing up on the first page of the results.

You Haven't Explored The Connection Between SEO and Social Media

While it's hard to remember when social media sites were not around, they have only been a part of the online world since the dawn of the new century. Some would say that they really did not begin to become a force until around a decade ago. Even then, you considered them to be more of an afterthought as you created a business page and possibly a presence on a couple of other social media sites.

The thing is that some of the posts found on social media pages are being indexed by the major search engines and ranking high in the results. Those posts are motivating people to click on links to online business sites and eventually making purchases. Why isn't that happening with the fun posts you share on your social media pages?

The fact is that while you did well to establish those pages, you are not using them in a way that benefits your business. At best, they serve as reminders to followers that your business is around and ready to serve. What you need is a fresh approach that involves the creation of compelling posts directing people to read your blogs and explore your website. Do you understand how the right combination of images, text, and hash tags can make that happen?

If you are having difficulty coming up with a way to create posts that search engines pick up on and rank higher in the results, you need help from a professional. Once you get the connection between SEO and your social media, coming up with posts that people notice and share will have a positive impact on your reputation and your generated revenue.

The Methods You Use are Behind the Times

What worked fine a few years ago could cause problems today. Even if you were quick to make changes when Google and the other major search engines announced major changes to their algorithms, that may not be enough. The reason is that those algorithms are in a constant state of being refined. Not all of them are announced ahead of time and many business professionals only learn of them after they impact site rankings.

In a sense, every month is a new game when it comes to staying on top of your search engine rankings. Are you willing to let go of something that used to work and explore what is working today? If you choose to align yourself with one of the top Toronto SEO companies now, you will have a resource that can keep your company in the forefront of what the search engines are doing. That desire to be more flexible and less married to the past will open up more opportunities than you ever imagined.

Your Blogs and Website Could Use Some Attention

Updating your blogs and website pages is something that must be a routine part of managing the company's online presence. Remember the advice that used to rule during the days when print and television advertising were the kings of the marketing world? Your outreach to consumers needed to be freshened at least every 18 months. With online outreach, the window of time is even shorter.

As much as you may like the layout and the content found on your website, not every element is considered evergreen. Some of it needs to be updated or altered in some way. Other parts need to be removed and new images, videos, and text put in place. The question is what needs to stay, what must go, and what new elements should be included. An expert can help you evaluate your website and come up with suggestions on how to make it more attractive to the search engines and consumers. The same is true with your blogs.

Your Customer Demographics are Changing

How well do you really know your client base? Are you still attractive the type of consumers that were the major part of that base ten years ago? Have more of your sales shifted to consumers who are part of different demographic groups? Unless you know the answers to those questions, it's impossible to determine if your online presence is helping or hindering your business efforts and your search engine rankings.

Now is a good time to take a fresh look at who is visiting your pages, who is searching for the products you offer, and if you are providing the answers they seek. It could be time to rework your entire approach to marketing and advertising. That includes the way you present your business online.

Assumptions made today could translate to a reduced online reputation and lower earnings in the months and years to come. Talk with a professional who is up to date on SEO and see what can be done. You may find that a few practical changes will make all the difference.

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