6 Major Ventures to Invest Your Marketing Budget in 2019

6 Major Ventures to Invest Your Marketing Budget in 2019

Almost every business in the world needs to advertise to stay afloat, there's no way around it and it's been true ever since businesses were invented.

However, the proper way to advertise has changed with the ages. Never has it been more true than in the past decade or so.

The advent of the internet has brought a completely unknown and largely unregulated playing ground which needed to be explored.

That's where SEO and other digital marketing experts come in. Companies such as One Click Marketing have been around, testing and figuring out what it takes to make it in the digital marketing world. Here's a snippet of what they've learned.

Create an Optimized Website

If you want to advertise online, you need to have a website of your own. However, having a website is not enough.

In order for Google and other relevant search engines to pick up your website and rank it positively, it needs to be optimized for the modern world. That includes a few things you need to pay attention to.

Loading Speed Optimization

A lot of people focus on creating a visually impressive website with plenty of high-resolution images which will wow the visitor.

However, therein lies the problem; hi-res images take a long time to load and will slow down the loading speed of your website.

Even if you think that it is not a big problem and that your site visitors will want to wait, you should also be aware that this is one of the factors Google uses to determine how your website will rank.

Mobile Version Optimization

With the advent of mobile devices, Google has introduced a mobile-first design, meaning that it is more important how your page loads on a mobile device than on desktop computers.

There are many other factors which go into optimizing a website, so your best bet is to have a professional help you with that. A San Diego SEO firm, One Click Marketing for consultation may shed some more light on the topic.

Online Review Management

The age of relying on word of mouth seems to be over because people are online more and don't interact with each other as much anymore.

However, the word of mouth advertising is not gone, but rather transformed into a digital online form, just like much of advertising – into online reviews.

Websites like Yelp are not irrelevant and they do have a great impact on the amount and the quality of people who visit your website and your business.

Just think back; have you ever decided not to go to a place or order something because it had too many negative reviews? Most of us have, and that is the power of online reviews which you need to harness and use to your advantage.

Local SEO

The term 'SEO' can be quite a broad one. However, chances are that your business only serves a small area near to your geographic location. As a result, casting your net too wide may generate you a lot of traffic, but nowhere near enough conversion.

On the other hand, if you focus on the local SEO, the chances of converting a lead into a successful business transaction increase dramatically.


There's really no way around this step, AdWords is a proven tactic that works in an online marketing. However, if you are going to run an AdWords ad campaign, you really need to know your market and you really need to prepare the groundwork.

Something as simple as forgetting to add negative keywords to your ad campaign can make it as much as 50% less successful.

Balancing the costs and the success of online marketing may be a complicated thing, but the fact is you cannot run a successful business in 2018 without an optimized website and a solid digital marketing strategy in place.

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