Overview of Top Magento SEO Extension - Mageworx

Overview of Top Magento SEO Extension - Mageworx

Mageworx Magento SEO Extension: An extension that empowers the eCommerce industry Search engine optimization (SEO) is the bane of many eCommerce professionals in their day to day marketing efforts. Whether it is filling in metadata on hundreds of unique items, or dealing with layered navigation that seemingly breaks your SEO campaign everytime you change something, SEO is a marketing effort that is necessary but time-consuming. ... Read More

SEO Mistakes of e-Commerce Websites You Must Avoid

E-Commerce Websites SEO Mistakes to Avoid

You may not think that search engine optimization matters on e-commerce platforms. That can pave the way for some serious mistakes that prevent the platform from being effective as possible. While the approach is a little different, SEO does play an important role in the world of online marketplaces. Here are a few examples of the SEO mistakes that must be avoided if you want your e-commerce site to reach its full potential. ... Read More

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