5 Important Signs That Your Toronto SEO Specialist is Doing a Great Job

One of the best moves you ever made was hiring an expert in search engine optimization. The wealth of knowledge that the professional brings to the table began to pay off almost from the very first day. In fact, it’s getting difficult to remember how your online efforts were progressing before you secured professional support. Here are five of the areas where the SEO expert has made a huge impact on your online reputation and the success of your company. ... Read More

SEO Today: Understanding When and How Rankbrain Impacts Search Engine Optimization

SEO is more involved than merely including relevant keywords and phrases in web content. One of the more recent innovations to rank your pages higher in search engine results involves the use of artificial intelligence. More specifically, AIO (or Artificial Intelligence Optimization) is creating quite a bit of buzz with website and blog owners. When it comes to AIO, it’s hard to beat what RankBrain has to offer. ... Read More

Understanding Flow Metrics: A Simple Breakdown

As the time of Google PageRank comes to an end, secondary metrics are fast becoming the ranking factors in Google and hold a much greater relevance. Sites that measure flow like Moz and MajesticSEO are updated daily, can’t be tricked as easily as PageRank could and are more effective for ranking and determining sites. ... Read More