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Fred and Your Blogs: Will Your Rankings Survive?

Fred and Your Blogs - Will Your Rankings Survive

Just about everyone from casual users to business owners know Google is constantly refining algorithms. Now and again, a major update is released that captures attention. The release of Fred in early 2017 has already affected the rankings for a number of web pages. If you haven’t noticed a change in your traffic patterns, hold on. It’s coming. ... Read More

Reaching and Engaging Your Audience: Why You Need a Different Approach

Reaching and Engaging Your Audience

Once upon a time, your attempt to reach and engage potential readers and clients was based on search engine optimization. The goal was to provide information that readers were seeking and make sure your site was showing up on the first page of search engine results. About the time you got a handle on that process, this thing called social media came along. ... Read More

Worried About Your Bounce Rate? Try These Strategies!

Worried About Your Bounce Rate? Try These Strategies

You already know about all the ways to drive traffic to your site. The problem is keeping people there long enough to generate any real benefits. When visitors get to your site and only stay there for a few seconds, the effect is a higher bounce rate. Would you like to lower that rate and have a better chance of building a loyal following? Here are some tips that will help. ... Read More

Link Building: Tips to Help You Maximize Your Efforts and Prioritize Your Opportunities

Link Building Tips

You already know that search engine optimization is important to reaching your target audience. Along with choosing the right keywords to include in your informative content, there’s the matter of using link building to best advantage. With the right strategy, you can identify and prioritize your opportunities to increase link value and get more rewards for your efforts. Here are some tips on how to reach those goals and enjoy a healthy flow of traffic. ... Read More