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Understanding the Various Kinds of Featured Snippets

Understanding Various Kinds of Featured Snippets

Search engines continually refine the way they display search results. You have noticed that Google in particular makes use of what is known as a featured snippet. Snippets provide readers with a sense of what they will find if they navigate to one of the top ten results associated with their searches. Usually the snippet is created using information from one the sites occupying the second through the tenth result. Some information from the highest ranking result may also be included. For readers, this can make finding the right data all the easier. ... Read More

5 Simple Reasons Why Your SEO Efforts Aren’t Paying Off

Reasons Why Your SEO Efforts Are Not Paying Off

You created an online presence for your business many years ago. There was a time when your website, the ads you approved, and even the blog posts that you posted seemed to produce quite a few results. Unfortunately the returns they are producing these days are not what they were in the past. Simply put, your SEO efforts are not paying off any longer. What is happening and how can you change that? Here are five possible areas to consider and what you can do about them. ... Read More

5 Important Signs That Your Toronto SEO Specialist is Doing a Great Job

5 Signs Your SEO Specialist is Doing a Great Job

One of the best moves you ever made was hiring an expert in search engine optimization. The wealth of knowledge that the professional brings to the table began to pay off almost from the very first day. In fact, it’s getting difficult to remember how your online efforts were progressing before you secured professional support. Here are five of the areas where the SEO expert has made a huge impact on your online reputation and the success of your company. ... Read More

Why Audience Targeting Won’t Help Your SEO As Much As You Think

Why Audience Targeting Won’t Help Your SEO As Much As You Think

Most people involved in SEO these days recognize audience targeting as important. This practice allows you to focus specifically on audiences who are likely to provide conversions. However, some people have falsely come to the assumption that audience targeting means that keywords are no longer needed. This is a false assumption. Keywords are still important in SEO marketing and will likely continue at that level of importance for years to come. ... Read More