Why Audience Targeting Won’t Help Your SEO As Much As You Think

Most people involved in SEO these days recognize audience targeting as important. This practice allows you to focus specifically on audiences who are likely to provide conversions. However, some people have falsely come to the assumption that audience targeting means that keywords are no longer needed. This is a false assumption. Keywords are still important in SEO marketing and will likely continue at that level of importance for years to come. ... Read More

How Realigning Your SEO Strategy Can Change Your Business for the Better

The SEO world is a constantly changing environment. Search engines such as Google see constant updates, changes to your strategy need to be evaluated both on-site and off-site, you need to create outreach campaigns, and much more. When implementing changes, you need to focus on quality traffic that will help your brand grow. Consider the tips below when realigning your SEO campaign to better suit the needs of your business. ... Read More

SEO Today: Understanding When and How Rankbrain Impacts Search Engine Optimization

SEO is more involved than merely including relevant keywords and phrases in web content. One of the more recent innovations to rank your pages higher in search engine results involves the use of artificial intelligence. More specifically, AIO (or Artificial Intelligence Optimization) is creating quite a bit of buzz with website and blog owners. When it comes to AIO, it’s hard to beat what RankBrain has to offer. ... Read More

SSL Certification: What You Need to Do Now and Why

You’ve heard of Secure Sockets Layer before but perhaps it’s not been all that prominent on your radar. Much of your focus has been on putting together the most user-friendly website that you can. A lot of attention was paid to developing quality content, using the right images and in general making sure the site is informative and easy to navigate. ... Read More